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Ember BNB, Where Luxury Meets Sustainability


Your eco-friendly escape awaits with Ember Holdings’ glamorous vacation properties.

Today’s consumers are savvy. They want the best of the best – and they want it in a way that doesn’t leave a heavy carbon footprint. As the demand for sustainable travel options rises, Ember Holdings Ltd. has created an answer: Ember BNB. This short-term rental company seamlessly weaves the opulence of luxury with the ethics of environmental stewardship.

The company is led by owner and principal Daniel Decubas (Instagram @decubasd), who is determined to explore new frontiers in the STR market with a huge portfolio of trailblazing eco-friendly luxury properties. Among these is a 65-foot self-sustaining houseboat anchored in the serene waters of the Florida Keys, the perfect example of Ember BNB’s commitment to superior and sustainable stays that offer an unmatched guest experience.

As the principal and driving force behind Ember Holdings, Daniel Decubas possesses a profound belief in the harmony between luxury and eco-consciousness. His career within the STR market was driven by his ambition to provide unforgettable accommodations, and to craft experiences that leave a lasting impact on guests and the environment alike. His philosophy intertwines the essence of high-end comfort with sustainability, and he’s changing the narrative on what luxury travel can and should embody.

“Our new houseboat is the crown jewel in Ember BNB’s vast portfolio,” Decubas shares. “It really encapsulates our vision for eco-friendly luxury. It’s a 65-foot floating retreat, an immersive experience into sustainable living that doesn’t compromise on the high level of comfort that our clients want.”

The houseboat is ingeniously designed to be entirely self-sustaining, featuring state-of-the-art solar panels that power the onboard amenities and make sure that the property leaves a minimal carbon footprint. The sophisticated integration of eco-friendly technologies includes solar power, harnessed through high-efficiency panels; this provides a clean and renewable source of energy for everything from lighting to air conditioning.

“The boat also integrates rainwater harvesting systems to capture precipitation, which is then filtered and repurposed, reducing the reliance on municipal water supplies and minimizing the retreat’s environmental impact,” Decubas explains. “We wanted tech innovations subtly woven into the very fabric of the guest experience. The idea is to illustrate that luxury and sustainability can coexist.”

The aesthetic and functional design of the houseboat reflects a deep understanding of luxury and eco-friendliness. Interiors are crafted using sustainable materials that evoke elegance and comfort, while the layout maximizes natural lighting and ventilation, further reducing energy consumption. Every element – non-toxic paints, vegan leather accents, energy-efficient appliances, and more – was selected with environmental impact and guest comfort in mind. It truly embodies a holistic approach to eco-luxury design.

Ember Holdings’ houseboat is a truly superlative property, a model for the future of hospitality. It challenges conventional notions of luxury travel; it proves that high-end experiences can support and sustain the natural environment. Decubas’s initiative goes beyond just reducing the negative impact of tourism; it actively contributes to a positive ecological footprint, and it sets a precedent for others in the industry to follow.

“We’re excited about the technological and design marvels that our properties offer,” Decubas shares. “But we also make sure that the guest experience at Ember Holdings’ properties is unparalleled. From the moment of booking, our guests are introduced to the concept of eco-luxury. We strive to set the stage for an indulgent and enlightening stay. For example – our houseboat is a really unique opportunity for guests to connect with nature, as they’re surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Keys, all while enjoying the modern comforts and amenities that define luxury accommodation.”

Decubas is a go-getter, an innovator, and a driven entrepreneur utterly dedicated to sustainability. His deeper ethos reflects his vision of a world where the luxury travel industry leads by example in environmental responsibility. Through Ember Holdings, Decubas is offering a sustainable option in the STR market, thus redefining the paradigms of luxury and eco-conscious travel.

The success of Ember Holdings’ eco-friendly luxury properties, spearheaded by the houseboat project, marks just the beginning of Decubas’s vision for the future of hospitality. The Ember BNB portfolio is massive and growing, with more innovative and sustainable properties underway that promise to broaden the horizons of eco-luxury travel further.

As Decubas leads Ember BNB, he’s also leading the entire STR – rather, the whole tourist industry – toward a greener future. He stands at the front of the STR transformation through his bold fusion of luxury and sustainability. Ember BNB shares a glimpse of the possibilities of merging travel with environmental stewardship. A vacation with Ember is more than just a trip. It’s a chance to experience the beauty of the world responsibly, luxuriously, and sustainably. 

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