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Evolv I.T. Explains Why Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Is the Key to Efficiency for Organizations


How business is conducted in the AI age is changing rapidly, driving drastic innovations as well as uncertainty. With the former, organizations that embrace the technological advantages at their fingertips may experience greater productivity and scalability. With the latter, leaders may struggle to know what technology their companies need to thrive. The result, according to Daniel Herrera, the CEO of Evolv I.T., is that they exist in limbo. “In my experience, companies can easily be stuck somewhere between ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow,’” he says. “They already know the benefits of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technology advancements, but they’re just not sure how to leverage them. Hardware as a Service through an MSP is often exactly what they need.”

What is a Managed Service Provider?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) operate as IT departments but are instead located off-site, eliminating a large portion of overhead costs and headaches that come with staffing an entire IT department. MSPs are staffed with highly specialized experts who provide a diverse range of information technology services, usually on a subscription or managed basis. 

“Our job is to use our expertise and resources to proactively manage a business’s IT infrastructure. We can handle any IT task, whether it’s network management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, consulting, or connectivity,” Herrera explains. “The primary goal is to take all the lifting, heavy or light, off the shoulders of companies so that they can focus on other strategic goals while we align their technology with them.”

Herrera goes more into the benefits of HaaS and MSPs, showing why they can be crucial to an organization’s ability to shift into higher gear.

Daniel Herrera, the CEO of Evolv I.T., meeting with his team at their Birmingham, AL headquarters 

How does Hardware as a Service benefit companies?

  • Greater cost efficiency

A company’s internal IT department involves various expenses, including employee salaries, benefits, training, and infrastructure costs, which can vary based on projects and other requirements, making them challenging to predict. This unpredictability may lead to unnecessary expenditures that could be allocated more effectively in other departments.

MSPs present a cost-efficient alternative by providing fixed monthly fees. This enables organizations to better manage their IT budgets, minimizing waste and enhancing overall financial stability.

Danielle Womack, Evolv I.T.’s Director of Marketing and Communications, and Taylor Anchors, Evolv I.T.’s Birmingham Sales Manager 

  • Increased access to expertise

Innovations that include the blockchain, machine learning, algorithms, and online platforms, all coupled with cybersecurity risks, mean that businesses face a technological landscape that never stops changing. 

“MSPs ensure that their professionals remain up to date on the best practices and tools,” Herrera explains. “Our expertise means that our clients won’t have to worry about falling behind or overlooking a crucial IT tool. That’s our job, not our clients’.”

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance

Instead of being reactive, Evolv I.T. takes a proactive approach. When they first partner with their client, they address any IT issues and improve the organization’s technology. Once the immediate issues are resolved, Evolv I.T. looks into the future, anticipating possible risks and implementing proactive solutions to either eliminate those threats or be prepared for when they arise. This minimizes their client’s downtime and keeps them functioning smoothly.

  • More scalability and flexibility

With its inherent adaptability, HaaS has the added benefit of empowering organizations to scale up or down according to their needs. For example, computer networks may need to handle an increase in traffic and communications. The ability of one office vs. another to reliably access the Internet may vary. MSPs are able to address these common issues, implement solutions, and facilitate a smoother organizational change.

  • Increased compliance and regulation

Hardware as a Service will also be a benefit for organizations faced with strict technology compliance and regulatory requirements. MSPs are able to ensure that these standards are met, ultimately reducing the risk of fines and legal issues.

  • Continuous technology upgrades 

Keeping up with the latest hardware comes with substantial expenses and resource commitments. However, MSPs are changing the game by shouldering the responsibility of updating and replacing hardware. This means businesses can effortlessly stay current with state-of-the-art equipment without the continuous burden of significant capital expenditures. MSPs not only offer a cost-effective alternative but also relieve organizations from the complexities associated with managing hardware updates internally, allowing them to focus on their core operations and innovation. This shift in approach marks a paradigmatic change, offering businesses a seamless way to access cutting-edge technology without the financial strain typically associated with hardware upgrades.

  • Reduced maintenance and downtime 

MSPs often integrate maintenance services into their comprehensive offerings. By doing so, businesses can delegate the responsibility of hardware upkeep, mitigating the risk of downtime caused by equipment failures. Service providers seamlessly handle routine maintenance and updates, ensuring that organizations can concentrate on their core operations without the distraction of managing hardware intricacies. This inclusion of maintenance services not only enhances the reliability of the hardware but also streamlines the operational efficiency of businesses, marking a shift towards a more proactive and hassle-free approach to IT infrastructure management.

  • More focus on core business activities

The operational management of a company’s IT infrastructure is undeniably time-consuming, even more so if there are multiple offices or team members working remotely. By outsourcing IT to an MSP such as Evolv I.T., organizations can redirect their talent and energy toward other core business needs. This strategic shift allows for a more concentrated focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

In summary, HaaS presents a comprehensive strategy for overseeing IT infrastructure, delivering financial flexibility, ongoing technological advancements, and a host of operational advantages. As businesses navigate the intricate terrain of contemporary technology, HaaS emerges as a compelling solution for those in pursuit of efficiency, scalability, and a strategic advantage in the competitive market. The holistic nature of MSPs not only addresses the immediate needs of organizations through HaaS but also positions them for sustained success by aligning with the evolving landscape of technology and business demands. 

About Evolv I.T. 

Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Evolv I.T. is a leading end-to-end Managed Services Provider with one of the industry’s highest client satisfaction ratings (99.8%). Evolv I.T. offers revolutionary technology solutions to companies, such as technology lifecycle planning, asset management, 24/7/365 breach prevention, in-app shortcuts that reduce the risk of suspicious emails, ERP systems, software management, IT support, and more. Its national services increase the efficiency, productivity, security, scalability, and productivity of its clients. Evolv I.T. has been included in the Birmingham Business Journal’s Best Places to Work two years in a row. For more information, please see Evolv I.T.’s website.

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