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This Book Is Creating A Buzz For All The Right Reasons- “Why Brave Women Win – Creating Your Path to Power and Confidence in the Workplace”


The motivating book “Why Brave Women Win – Creating Your Path to Power and Confidence in the Workplace” by Jill Bausch is causing quite a stir in the industry in the best way possible since it explores the topic ofwomen empowerment. A must-read for women who desire to change the world via their actions and hard work, the book provides insights on how women can develop confidence and influence at work.

The Power Of Women In The Workplace

The association of specific words with gender is common and leads to gender bias. This means that when certain words are used, people tend to associate them with a particular gender and make gender-based assumptions.Similarly, when we talk about work, the first picture that springs to mind is of men swarming the entire workplace in an attempt to make a difference. However, men and women are equally involved in the workplace. Because of these connotations, we tend to dismiss many things a woman does and cannot elevate her to the position of control over the entire office.

However, history repeatedly demonstrates that women in positions of authority can have a significant influence far more rapidly than males because they are able to see things from all angles. Jill Bausch discusses her personal narrative in Why Brave Women Win as a motivation for women seeking all sorts of victories. She focuses on a much larger purpose and motivates sex workers and HIV+ persons in particular, because they deserve inspiration and recognition more than anybody else.

Bausch has addressed each problem with a pertinent solution and suggested a route ahead. So, if you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, you’ll know just how to get out of it. Aside from that, she has used the mirroring technique in the sense that a woman should learn to reflect confidence in every action, while observing role models, until it becomes a natural part of her and a second language for her. The book also discusses the seven habits of highly successful women and why you should adopt them in order to be successful.

Bravery Is The Way Forward

Jill Bausch has concentrated on one major theme throughout the book and attempted to relate everything to it- bravery. Bravery is a necessary aspect in this world since your spirit will frequently be crushed by challenges, but you can only emerge as a warrior if you are brave enough. Jill was not born successful or with a silver spoon in her mouth; rather, she fought tirelessly for years to get to where she is today, and her book is full of learning lessons. Thus, she wants to see every woman succeed and achieve their dream to lead an intendent life. Get your copy of the book now and motivate and inspire yourself from the lessons and perspectives laid out by Bausch.

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