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What Drives the Unique Visions of Indie Movies? Independent Producer Alexander N Weighs In


For decades, the independent film industry has functioned as the alter ego of Hollywood, meant to embody everything that it supposedly isn’t. Moviegoers know, for example, that mainstream films often pursue entertainment and profits while their indie counterparts generally focus on unique stories, with ticket sales a distant second. The question, however, is whether the line between the two is really as set in stone as audiences and film professionals have largely believed. If it is not, what does that mean for the movies we can expect to see on the big screen? For insights, we turned to Alexander N, the founder of international film company N Films and its General Producer. He reveals that what “indie” means will always be determined by one factor: the powerful creativity of the industry’s professionals.

Alexander N is well-known in the independent film world. His production company, N Films, is headquartered in New York City and is behind such successes as Bright Dark Black (Cannes Film Festival 2011, “Court Métrage”) and American Theater. In 2024, he will lead N Films in the production of Romea&Juliet, a modern retelling of the Shakespeare tragedy. The project, which focuses on the love story between a black ballerina from a wealthy family and a rapper from the heart of Harlem, will be supported by New York City’s talented actors and production professionals. Alexander N says his professional experiences have given him a unique perspective on the differences between mainstream and indie movies, particularly what drives them.

“To understand the rivalry between the two, I believe you have to remember that at their heart, they both really pursue the same goal: to have an audience,” says Alexander N. “I don’t know of any producer or director in either industry who would be fine with creating a movie, only to have no one see it. So, at their core, they are very similar in this way.”

The main difference, of course, is in the types of movies each industry makes. Hollywood, he says, is mainly about generating big returns at the box office. When a studio discovers a winning storyline, sequels or remakes are on the horizon. 

“Is this ‘bad’?” Alexander N asks. “Not necessarily. Remember that the actors and crews that make these films are incredibly talented, as are the writers. The movie was successful for a reason – it had a good story, it was fun or compelling, and it was well-made. The problem, from the perspective of the independent filmmaker, is that the inevitable sequel may do well and give audiences what they want, but it happens at the expense of creativity. That’s why we broke away and began making films on our own. We wanted to have artistic freedom and not be confined to a creative box.”

That brings up the big question: who defines what “indie” means? Are Alexander N and his peers simply reacting to Hollywood, with their ideas contingent on what studios are not making,  or are they truly independent? And, what happens when films like Sound of Freedom hit it big at the box office and Hollywood takes notice, making its own similar movies in order to lure audiences?

“Those are fair questions, and I think the answers come down to the confidence, vision, and creativity of independent filmmakers,” Alexander N reflects. “There will always be that undercurrent, with executives looking for what appeals to ticket buyers and giving it to them. To be truly creative, we must remain, well, independent of all of this and instead focus on the unique ideas that we have within our imaginations. We cannot allow what we produce to simply be the opposite of what studios are making. We must simply look inward and let what is within us come out. That will always resonate with audiences and bring them into theaters, no matter what else may be playing.”


N FILMS is an international film company that utilizes AI technology and a curated network of skilled individuals for its operations. The company employs a proprietary method for identifying potential genius authors, aiming for innovative vision in each project. Utilizing AI predictive forecasting and Big Data analysis, with a database that encompasses over 95,000 films and 600,000 talents, N Films engages in strategic planning for every facet of a film project, achieving an accuracy rate of over 85% in its planning efforts.

For more information about N Films and Romea&Juliet, please visit N-Films.com.

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