Thursday, May 23, 2024

The Revolutionary App “Etherea” is Solving the World’s Most Pressing Issues


In a world where global challenges seem insurmountable, one woman’s vision is breaking barriers and paving the way for positive change. Celina Mankarios, the CEO of Etherea and the reigning Miss World International Canada, is not just a changemaker, she is a visionary on a mission to empower individuals and communities through the innovative Etherea app. 

As the reigning Miss World International Canada, a non-profit founder, and UN Youth Delegate, Celina has led thousands of youth in tackling global issues through policy, fundraising and educational campaigns. Her journey is marked by a commitment to humanitarian causes and environmental initiatives. 

Etherea, conceived by Celina Mankarios, stands at the crossroads of innovation and activism, signaling a new era in social impact. 

Developed collaboratively with award-winning youth ambassadors, renowned activists, UN diplomats, members of the Indigenous community, sustainable small businesses, and experts from esteemed institutions like Harvard College, Cornell University, and the University of Toronto, Etherea is an app that helps youth sustainably change their own lives and the world. 

Etherea emerged from Celina’s realization of a mobilization crisis, particularly amongst youth. Although there are many youth who are fearful of the implications of environmental and humanitarian crises, there is only a small proportion taking sustainable action.

Recognizing this issue, she partnered with psychologists and researchers from Harvard College, University of Toronto and Cornell University to do research on the obstacles holding youth back from meaningful change, and understanding what psychological and technological tools are needed to mobilize the future generation. 

The findings were utilized to create the revolutionary impact app- Etherea- which bridges good intentions and meaningful actions.

Users can choose from twelve 30-day challenges, including six personal development themes: ‘Mental Health’, ‘Physical Health’, ‘Financial Freedom’, ‘Relationship-building’, ‘Personal Growth’ and ‘Spreading Kindness’, as well as six world issue themes: ‘Climate Change’, ‘Animal Cruelty’, ‘Gender Equality & LGBTQ+ Rights’, ‘Poverty & World Hunger’, ‘Racism’ and ‘Current Affairs’. 

Gamified missions, animated AR educational worlds, international mega challenges with prizes, and collaborations with ethical brands, make Etherea an immersive experience.

Interestingly, Etherea, at its core, is a cyclically sustainable social enterprise that has a theme-related brand shopping section hosting hundreds of ethical, eco-friendly small businesses run by women, youth, BIPOC, people from developing nations and low-income local families, for users to purchase from. This not only helps the users on their impact journey but helps minority-run businesses grow. 

Etherea is set to launch in 2024, already gaining traction from big investors, international organizations like the UN, and over 500 pre-sign ups in only a month. 

Their Kickstarter campaign had also gotten an overwhelming response,  reaching the original funding goal within three hours of launch. This global support reflects the passion for Etherea’s mission and the commitment to creating a better world.

As we navigate turbulent times, Etherea invites individuals to be change-makers, fostering a community committed to creating a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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