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These Tasty Overseas Treats are Putting American Snacks to Shame


If you ask people in other countries what they know about American junk food, you’ll get one of two answers: overly sweet (does “Triple Double Chocolate Mint” ring any bells?) and size (how about large drinks big enough to fill two people?). Though we have some flavors that might catch people’s attention, these are the two main qualities that define our food stuffs. Or basically: American junk food is excessive in two key ways.

If you ask the average American what their thoughts about overseas desserts are, chances are that they won’t have any real idea, or the answers will get… let’s just say “creative”. And it’s a shame because foreign treats offer a bevy of flavors and experiences that we just don’t get here in the states. Some people might be able to point out snacks from Japan, Korea, and China, but what about Kras Dorina Domacica Tamna from Croatia? Or the Sunfeast Butter Cookies from India? How about if we look up to our neighbors in the North and pull White Cheddar Lay’s from Canada’s shelves?

Exotic Snack Guys has come to the rescue with can’t-be-beat, just-dying-to-eat snacks from over 40 different countries including France, India, Taiwan, Australia, Greece, South Korea, and Japan. The brand opened in June of this year in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL and has since been pulling in a rapidly growing stream of online and in-person visitors ranging from casual snackers to veteran, flavor-diverse snack enthusiasts. Though the company has only recently debuted, one thing’s for certain: people are falling in love with Exotic Snack Guys’ eclectic collection of food stuffs.

Even international fans have found themselves walking the snack-filled aisles of the Chicago-based store.One of the owners, Zohaib Naman, commented on the store’s success by saying, “It seemed like such a good idea. I remember when I walked into a Middle Eastern store and saw this candy that I used to eat when I was a kid. That brought back so many memories for me. It’s been great bringing those kinds of memories and feelings back for other people, and it’s been exciting to learn about different kinds of snacks too.”

Eager consumers can independently choose what snacks and drinks they enjoy, or they can spin the wheel and buy one of Exotic Snack Guys’ Mystery Boxes. The boxes come in small, medium, and large, putting a fun twist on the snacking experience.

“I’m glad to have met so many people already through this adventure,” adds Zohaib, “and I’m proud to say that this is only the beginning for us.”

In their inaugural month, Exotic Snack Guys imported snacks from 30 countries. Now, with over 40 countries under their belt, the team is looking to expand their reach and fill their shelves with snacks from over 100 countries by the end of the year. Zohaib has also noted that there are plans in the works to open new stores in Houston, Orlando, Miami, and Milwaukee to service a greater range of snack fans.

Exotic Snack Guys is dedicated to bringing more treats and drinks from all over the world to snack American enthusiasts. The brand has a physical store in Chicago, IL but also sells hundreds of high-quality and unique snacks, chocolates, and drinks imported from over 40 different countries online. By the end of the year, Exotic Snack Guys is hoping to bring snacks from 100+ countries to fans across the nation.

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