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How to Turn Your Home Kitchen into a Gourmet Restaurant: Wagyu and The Meatery’s Subscription Boxes


The best cuts of meat used to be found only behind the doors of high-quality restaurants, available for diners who could afford the price tags. That was especially true of Wagyu, the premium beef whose popularity began in Japan before rapidly expanding across the world. No longer. Since the pandemic, The Meatery, one of the United States’ leading online sellers of Japanese A5 Wagyu, American, and Australian Wagyu as well as Kobe beef, has been delivering steaks and hamburgers straight to the doorsteps of customers. Now the brand has taken affordable gourmet cooking one step further with its Meatery Boxes, a subscription service that allows customers to choose from over 70 cuts of Australian Wagyu, American Wagyu, Japanese A5 Wagyu, chicken, pork, sushi-grade fish, and other meats. It is all part of The Meatery’s vision: exceptional at-home dining experiences that even novice chefs on a budget can enjoy. 

What is The Meatery?

The success of The Meatery began in 2020, spearheaded by Nicholas Fiorentino, an Internet marketer with a passion for unforgettable food. During the pandemic’s lockdown, Fiorentino became a lifeline of sorts for consumers who loved Japanese, A5, Australian, and American Wagyu but could no longer have it in restaurants. A natural entrepreneur and beef connoisseur, he created The Meatery to fill the need, leading to an enthusiastic, supportive community of meat lovers. Over the next few years, Fiorentino would grow the brand into an online source of Wagyu as well as a center of information, including a popular blog, recipes, preparation tips, and suggestions for how to eliminate food waste by using all parts of the animal. Throughout the expansion of The Meatery, including its launch of multiple brick-and-mortar stores, its emphasis on value and convenience has remained the same. 

What are the Meatery Boxes?

Behind every Meatery Box are two convictions: a home cook deserves the best in their kitchen, and “the best” should not break the bank. Accordingly, The Meatery has made savings the foundation of every box. Every four, six, or eight weeks, customers can create their own carefully curated box, picking and choosing discounted cuts of Wagyu, meat, chicken, and fish. New items are added online each week, so the person is able to customize their box according to what grabs their attention (and the interest of their stomach). 

How can Wagyu enthusiasts get started with Meatery Boxes?

To break free from trips to the grocery stores, customers are invited to visit, where they can learn more about current specials, including free burger inclusions for the life of a membership. People who are simply curious about Wagyu can check out The Meatery cooking tips and Wagyu 101. Just be careful – those who learn about the beef’s delicious marbling and buttery flavor will order A5, Australian, American, or Japanese Wagyu sooner or later. There is truly nothing else like it.

The Meatery was established in 2020 as an online means to provide restaurant-quality proteins to consumers. Its website customizes the Wagyu shopping experience by matching visitors with the perfect cut every single time. The brand’s product pages also include enhanced filtering, cooking suggestions, drink pairings, and photos as well as the ability to video chat directly with one of the company’s knowledgeable butchers. For more information about The Meatery, including its Meatery Boxes, please visit or contact:

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