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Capital Pro Services Restores Trust Between Home Contractors and Customers with Fixed Pricing


One of the biggest transformations in the home improvement sector is not being driven by AI but instead by fair pricing. For years, home improvement projects have been plagued by uncertainty, with plenty of stories about inflated costs, sudden price increases, and delays. However, Capital Pro Services has shifted power back to customers by offering them transparent pricing from the get-go. For over ten years, its contractors have been painting homes, installing bathtubs and solar panels, repairing damage from floods and fires, and in general making houses into sanctuaries – all for fixed prices. Below, Scott Tripp, the founder of Capital Pro Services, talks about his journey to rebooting the home improvement industry and making it into what it should be: on the side of customers.

“I started Capital Pro Services after becoming very frustrated when I worked with a contractor on a home project,” Scott explains. “The person may have been qualified, but they were very difficult to work with. Their services and pricing structures were hard to understand, and I spent far too much time trying to settle on a plan for accomplishing the project. There were also the usual cost overruns. The whole experience convinced me that what the industry needed was transparency and a genuine collaboration between the contractor and the customer.”

He started with the basics: fixed pricing. Scott saw no reason why there could not be a predetermined cost for a particular service or project, whether it was repairing a screen door or installing insulation in an attic. The advantages would be the avoidance of unexpected cost escalations and more peace of mind for consumers, who would have a clear understanding of what they would pay upfront.

“No one likes ambiguity in pricing, so putting that transparency back into the business model was important to me,” says Scott. “As an added bonus, it would eliminate haggling from the customer-contractor relationship, which had been a significant source of tension in the past. Simple and clear – that was my goal.”

Honest pricing would also provide the engine for faster completion times. Homeowners would be able to create realistic budgets, which would translate to an ability to secure financing and expedite both the project planning and approval process. It was easy to see that Scott’s business model would be a win-win for his customers and contractors alike.

With this mission, Scott launched Capital Pro Services in 2013 and has since grown rapidly across Virginia. His vision of a home contractor that is transparent and honest has led to a company with a long list of loyal customers. 

“What my team and I have found is that by offering fixed pricing, we are able to be a source of steady guidance and help for homeowners,” he says. “Let’s face it – we come alongside them at some of the toughest times in their lives. No one likes it when their plumbing breaks and the house is flooded. It definitely makes your day worse when your roof or chimney has to be repaired. However, when you are able to pick up the phone and call a contractor you trust, that makes the whole process far less stressful and much easier.”

Looking ahead, Capital Pro Services aims to expand its presence in five different markets, with a projected revenue target of $150 million per year. This ambitious goal reflects its commitment to growth and excellence in the sector. Additionally, the company is set to unveil a new showroom in Chantilly, Virginia, enhancing its presence in the home improvement market. One of its aims is to educate consumers about common issues in homes and properties as well as the tips and tools for addressing them. 

“We have also partnered with the Roofing & Solar Reform Alliance to promote sustainability within the roofing industry and protect the planet,” Scott reveals. “Our mission started with the introduction of fair pricing into our local market. We are now using our abilities and success to support the community and the world. It goes to the heart of who we are at Capital Pro Services: servant-oriented, authentic, and committed to helping those around us through unwavering integrity.”

About Capital Pro Services

Capital Pro Services was founded by Scott Tripp in 2013 and has successfully completed thousands of projects for homes and commercial properties, all for a fixed, transparent price. Its suite of services include the installation and repair of roofing, shingle, metal, and flat roofs; gutter maintenance; disaster mitigation, including damage from water, fire, and smoke, crime scene clean up, and hoarding cleanup; the painting of interior, exterior, fences, and shutters; solar services; remodeling and customization; drywall repair, and more. 11% of Capital Pro Services’ profits are donated to local nonprofit organizations.

To embark on a home improvement journey with Capital Pro Services and experience the difference of quality work and fixed pricing, please contact:

Scott Tripp

571-200-3006 or 877-FIX-ALL0 (877-349-2550) 









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