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Dr. Rita Sharon Ikhuoria Makes Global Business Expansion Possible


With her company, CrossSphere Global LLC, Dr. Ikhuoria helps companies go big.

For businesses that want to go global – and really, who doesn’t? – there are multiple obstacles to overcome. These include cultural, regulatory, and technological barriers, such as language differences, compliance with international laws and standards, adapting to local market preferences, securing international payments, and managing a distributed workforce across different time zones.

That’s where Dr. Rita Sharon Ikhuoria steps in with expertise and experience. She’s the founder and CEO of CrossSphere Global LLC, a company that offers comprehensive strategies for international business expansion, tailored cross-cultural training workshops, and specialized tech talent acquisition and management services designed to help businesses navigate and thrive in the global marketplace.

“The challenge of international expansion can be daunting,” says Dr. Ikhuoria. “At CrossSphere Global, we have crafted a comprehensive suite of services designed to transform the way companies handle these new frontiers.”

She certainly has the credentials behind this ambitious statement. Dr. Ikhuoria’s exceptional journey in the field of international business is rooted in a thorough educational background and a wealth of diverse professional experiences. She holds a Doctor of Business Administration from the Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva, alongside a Master’s degree in International Business Management and Digital Strategy from Oxford Brookes University, and a Bachelor’s degree from EBC University, Hamburg.

Along with her solid educational foundation, Dr. Ikhuoria has extensive experience in roles that demanded acute market insight and strategic acumen, such as Account Executive EMEA and Senior Sales Development Representative DACH at SNYK in London.

When she created CrossSphere Global LLC, Dr. Ikhuoria applied her wisdom in the intricacies of global markets to develop unique strategies that address the multifaceted challenges of international business expansion. Her approach transcends traditional methodologies, incorporating cutting-edge digital strategies and a keen emphasis on cultural sensitivity. Her dual focus is designed to ensure that as businesses enter new markets, they do so with a nuanced understanding of local customs, regulations, and consumer behavior, thereby significantly increasing their chances of success.

“We are determined to find a solution to every challenge,” Dr. Ikhuoria affirms. “For example, companies looking to expand into the Asian market may face substantial cultural and regulatory hurdles. Through CrossSphere’s comprehensive market analysis and entry strategy development, coupled with tailored cross-cultural training for the startup’s staff, a business can successfully establish a significant presence in the market.”

Dr. Ikhuoria prioritizes cross-cultural training, which entails educating and preparing individuals and organizations to effectively communicate, negotiate, and operate within diverse cultural contexts, thereby enhancing global team dynamics and facilitating successful international collaborations.

“Cultural sensitivity is critically important,” says Dr. Ikhuoria. “At CrossSphere Global, we conduct tailored workshops to boost cross-cultural communication, negotiation, and management skills. Our workshops are designed to equip businesses with the tools necessary to integrate into international markets effectively. We focus on the subtle nuances of cultural differences, which helps businesses forge stronger, more empathetic relationships with international partners and customers. And that lets them overcome one of the most significant barriers to global business success.”

Dr. Ikhuoria also believes that securing the right tech talent is crucial for any business that wishes to scale globally. Her strategies in tech talent acquisition and management are holistic; CrossSphere specializes in identifying, recruiting, and managing high-caliber tech professionals from across the globe. Candidates are chosen both for the requisite technical skills and for alignment with the client’s cultural and business values. That, says Dr. Ikhuoria, is crucial for creating cohesive team dynamics and driving innovation, especially in international settings where cultural differences can pose unique challenges.

“We employ methodologies that are proven to be effective at overcoming both cultural and technological barriers,” says Dr. Ikhuoria. “We integrate advanced digital strategies with a deep respect for cultural diversity. Our goal is to help businesses expand into new markets with confidence and strategic insight.”

CrossSphere Global uses methods that help businesses to prepare to meet the technological demands of global expansion. The company’s services also equip these businesses to gracefully manage the cultural intricacies that can make or break international ventures.

“Just because something has always been done a certain way, does not mean change isn’t healthy,” says Dr. Ikhuoria. And that explains why she’s disrupting the industry with her forward-thinking strategies and comprehensive solutions. She puts her comprehensive educational background and diverse professional experiences to work alongside her bold leadership to facilitate the seamless integration of businesses into new markets worldwide.

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