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The Social Impact of Tylers Coffees®


More and more, modern businesses are encouraged to look past the bottom dollar and consider their impact on society – their local communities, the environment, and their customers’ well-being. Not all companies measure up – but one creative, daring coffee company does.

Tylers Coffees® is a paradigm of this ethos. It’s more than a coffee brand. Tylers Coffees® is a socially responsible and community-oriented entity, known for its charitable collaboration with the Tucson, Arizona-based nonprofit organization Beacon Group, which is focused on providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Founded in 2004, Tylers Coffees® has made a name for itself in the coffee industry with its innovative acid-free coffee. And it has gathered an impressive list of accolades – it has been featured in lists such as Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies of 2022, and was named the preferred coffee of the 2008 Academy Awards.

But the brand’s ethics extend beyond the realms of commerce and consumerism. Beacon Group, operating in Southern Arizona, has been a leader in offering employment-related services to people with disabilities. This partnership allows Tylers Coffees® to contribute meaningfully to the community – all coffee purchased from the company is fulfilled by Beacon Group. This collaboration provides jobs and fosters an environment of inclusivity, skill development, and empowerment.

There’s been a proud social impact arising from this caring collaboration. Tylers Coffees® is proud to integrate people with disabilities into its workforce, and is determined to challenge stereotypes and change perceptions about the capabilities of these individuals. It’s a powerful statement in a world where people with disabilities often face significant barriers to employment.

Beacon Group’s partnership with Tylers Coffees® is a perfect example of how businesses can play a crucial role in creating inclusive communities. Company CEO and founder Tyler Ornstein says that his company is dedicated to offering opportunities for all different types of individuals to showcase their abilities and contribute meaningfully to the economy.

“We want to provide life-changing employment opportunities to the fine people helped by Beacon Group,” says Ornstein. “They empower 2,000 disabled individuals every year and we’re so proud to be part of that. It gives these individuals dignity, independence, and the chance to be a valued member of a team – and they can earn a paycheck, just like anyone else.”

These employment opportunities help in developing new skills, boosting confidence, and fostering a sense of belonging. And for a company founded on the idea of promoting well-being, it was a natural partnership to make. After all, the idea for Tylers Coffees® dates back to 2004, when Tyler noticed that his dad – who loved coffee – had to avoid his favorite drink due to stomach issues.

“The very nature of Tylers Coffees® is a company that cares about its customers,” Ornstein explains. “My father is a biochemist who crafted our unique Z-Roasting system, which roasts coffee beans in a proprietary process that creates acid-free coffee. Our organic coffee is perfect for anyone who suffers gut issues and other discomfort due to the acid in typical coffee.”

Every coffee blend currently available on the market harbors Tannic and Lipid acids, which become more potent during the roasting process and can adversely affect those with sensitive stomachs or acid-related conditions, impacting over 100 million people. Tylers Coffees®, as the world’s first and only Organic Acid-Free Coffee, eliminates these harmful acids, offering a healthier alternative. These acids are typically responsible for the coffee’s bitter taste, stomach upset, lingering aftertaste, and damage to tooth enamel. They can also exacerbate or contribute to conditions like Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Overactive Bladder (OAB), Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Crohn’s Disease, and Colitis. Through a completely natural roasting and decaffeinating process, Tylers Coffees® achieves superior quality and presents the healthiest coffee option available.

Tylers Coffees® cares – and its commitment to consumer health and social responsibility extends to its environmental practices as well. “We source our coffee beans from USDA Organic Certified plantations,” says Ornstein. “Our products are healthful as well as sustainably produced. Today’s consumer demands ethically produced goods and we care about their preferences – but it’s also our goal to protect the environment.”

The social impact of Tylers Coffees® also translates into tangible business benefits. As Ornstein mentioned, consumers are increasingly looking to support brands that demonstrate a genuine commitment to social causes. “Our customers appreciate both the quality of our coffee and our efforts to make a positive impact on society,” Ornstein reflects. “It’s a win-win scenario. We’re able to stay in business due to a successful bottom line, and that lets us keep helping those who need it the most.”

He adds that Tylers Coffees® is planning to expand its social impact initiatives as the company grows. “I hope that our partnership with Beacon Group serves as a model for other businesses,” Ornstein shares. “We’d love to encourage them to embrace similar socially responsible practices and get involved with nonprofits in a tangible way.”

Tylers Coffees® truly epitomizes how a business can successfully blend profitability with social responsibility. Its collaboration with Beacon Group is a model for inclusive employment; providing opportunities for people with disabilities lets Tylers Coffees® do more than brew coffee – it’s brewing change. The brand promotes the idea that businesses can be powerful agents of social transformation, making the world a better place for all coffee-drinkers.

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