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How Keystone Studios Will Redefine Production on the East Coast


Hollywood isn’t everything.

In fact, the film industry originated in New Jersey. And even now, New York City is one of the most popular filming destinations in the world. It just makes sense for Keystone Studios, a full-service, state-of-the-art production facility, to open in the New Jersey/New York area.

The film and TV production industry has grown and evolved along with emerging technology; and so has the demand for versatile, technologically advanced, and service-rich production environments. Keystone Studios’ design has just been released, revealing its strategic future location in New Jersey. And it’s ready to meet and exceed all these demands with an exciting blend of advanced tech and comprehensive services, all under one roof.

Advanced Technological Infrastructure

Keystone Studios has been designed with the future of filmmaking in mind. The plans incorporate cutting-edge technology that supports a wide range of production types, from blockbuster movies to digital content creation. Its sound stages are equipped with the latest in soundproofing and acoustic design for optimal audio recording conditions.

High-speed data networks have been integrated to facilitate seamless digital workflows, starting at pre-production all the way through post-production, including real-time collaboration across global teams.

Keystone Studios will also feature advanced visual effects (VFX) and post-production suites, equipped with state-of-the-art editing, color grading, and visual effects software. The robust technological infrastructure makes Keystone Studios an attractive option for productions looking to leverage the latest in digital filmmaking techniques.

Comprehensive Production Services

The studio will offer a vast range of production services, making Keystone a one-stop shop. This includes pre-production planning spaces, costume and wardrobe departments, props and set construction workshops, and a full suite of post-production services. Providing a complete production ecosystem eliminates the need for productions to seek out multiple vendors and locations, streamlining the production process and reducing logistical challenges.

The studio’s in-house services are designed to meet the specific needs of filmmakers and production teams. Every aspect of production, from initial concept to final cut, can be handled efficiently and effectively on-site. This approach will save time and resources while promoting a collaborative environment that can enhance creative outputs.

Unique Features and Facilities

Keystone Studios’ design includes several unique features that set it apart from existing facilities on the East Coast. Among these is its large-scale, versatile sound stages that can accommodate a variety of set designs and configurations. Additionally, the studio offers specialized facilities such as a dedicated motion capture stage and an underwater filming tank. These options provide unparalleled opportunities for creative storytelling and visual effects.

The studio’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly design and operations, such as energy-efficient lighting and waste reduction practices. Such practices align with the industry’s growing emphasis on environmental responsibility, and gives Keystone the opportunity to minimize its carbon footprint.

Strategic Location and Economic Impact

The strategic location of Keystone Studios in New Jersey, with its proximity to New York City and the broader Tri-State area, offers significant advantages. It provides easy access to a vast pool of talent, including actors, directors, technical crews, and post-production specialists. The location makes Keystone Studios an economically attractive option for both domestic and international productions.

It also allows the studio to leverage the financial incentives offered by New Jersey’s TV & Film Tax Credit program. This program offers tax credits to eligible productions for a portion of the expenses incurred during filming in the state.

Keystone Studios’ presence is expected to have a substantial economic impact on the local and regional economies, generating jobs, stimulating investment in related industries, and attracting tourism. It will position New Jersey as a premier destination for film and TV production, and has the potential to play a pivotal role in the growth and diversification of the regional production ecosystem.

Comparison with Existing Facilities

While Hollywood has its fair share of updated production facilities, there isn’t anything like Keystone on the East Coast – yet. Keystone Studios stands out for its modern infrastructure, comprehensive service offering, and commitment to technology and sustainability. While other studios may offer some of these elements, Keystone Studios distinguishes itself by providing a holistic, future-proof environment for productions of all sizes and types.

The studio emphasizes convenience, efficiency, and creativity, and hopes to change the perspective of what a modern production studio can offer. Keystone has the ability to accommodate a wide range of production needs – traditional filmmaking, emerging digital content creation, and everything in between. That means that the studio will be ready to meet the constantly changing demands of the industry.

A New Way to Film

Keystone Studios is destined to be a film and television powerhouse for the East Coast. Its sleek design and multifaceted possibilities will merge with cutting-edge tech and the best and brightest talent in the industry. New York and New Jersey could become the new LA with Keystone at the helm of a new wave of East Coast productions.

Founder Abe Bose says that he and his team can’t wait to get started. “We’ve thought this studio out to the tiniest detail,” he shares. “Keystone Studios will be an incredible, state of the art facility that will offer everything a production needs from start to finish. It will be a totally green facility with executive services and hospitality, full production suites, turn-key enclosed workflow – everything you can imagine and more.”

Construction begins soon, so be sure to follow the journey on the Keystone Studios website!

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