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OM Strategic Forecasting Launches AI-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions for a New Business Age


With its ability to reach customers in new markets and build relationships, digital marketing represents a critical investment center. Why, then, are so many struggling to capitalize on it? “A critical issue often overlooked is the tendency to view marketing budgets as an expense rather than an investment. This perspective leads to its inherent fragmentation. Site production, SEO, display media, online reputation and social media are often handled separately, making it difficult to build a consistent, brand-focused presence online,” says Oksana Matviichuk, the founder of OM Strategic Forecasting. “Also a disruptor is AI itself. Ironically, while it can multiply the ability of an organization to generate leads, managing leads might actually cause various  bottlenecks among the departments less empowered with AI and as a result, not fully prepared for the increased workload scale. To support business’ sustainable growth as technology continues to advance, our team developed the OM Digital Strategy Suite, OM Marketing Strategy Excellence, OM Sustainable Growth Architect, and OM Startup Suite.”

For over twenty years, Oksana has been achieving notable success as a global B2B marketing executive. In the last decade alone, she has worked alongside Fortune 500 companies to translate their business strategies into marketing execution and has emerged as a strategic powerhouse. She has strengthened the brand campaigns for enterprises, mid-size companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs alike. As a result of her expertise, Oksana is a recognized digital marketing thought leader, a USA Today best-selling author, and a contributing expert panelist regularly featured in Forbes. She was also named one of the Top 50 Women Leaders of New York and became a Techstars Mentor.

Through OM Strategic Forecasting, Oksana is solving a particularly difficult challenge for leaders: how organizations with overworked marketing teams can find their footing online, take control of the results of their campaigns, leverage AI to go even further, and keep pace with technology. 

“Companies have some amazing technological innovations at their fingertips that can open up new horizons,” Oksana believes. “The challenge is that they ultimately necessitate dealing with multiple stakeholders for comprehensive insights, which is suboptimal. It leads to a large gap between strategy and execution, which is what OM Strategic Forecasting bridges.”

The core service for small- and medium-sized businesses is OM Strategic Forecasting’s Actionable Digital Presence, which includes a brand’s digital voice, reputation management, and organic search visibility. Scaling up to marketing strategy we prioritize the synergy of brand and performance layers of investments, cross-media channel optimizations driven by budget fluidity, and the conversion of created demand into targeted actions via paid search, all strengthened by organic search insights. 

To further empower organizations to effectively navigate the AI-driven digital marketing landscape, Oksana and her team at OM Strategic Forecasting are now offering four more innovative services, including: 

  • OM Digital Strategy Suite: Created for businesses seeking a solid digital presence; 
  • OM Marketing Strategy Excellence: Tailored for companies looking to revitalize their marketing strategies;
  • OM Sustainable Growth Architect: Designed for businesses focusing on long-term sustainable growth; and 
  • OM Startup Suite: Caters to the distinctive needs of startups at various stages of development, including the pre-seed stage, seed funding stage, Series A funding, and beyond.

“These services are a game-changer for businesses that struggle to understand where the gaps in performance actually are,” says Oksana. “First, instead of fragmentation, you have unity and cohesion. Second, with a stronger foundation, your KPIs actually tell the story. They are no longer simply ‘nice to have’ and instead drive meaningful improvements in digital marketing. Third, your marketing funnel becomes three-dimensional. You can see more clearly where the flow of customers speeds up and gets bogged down and implement better scaling strategies accordingly.”

OM Strategic Forecasting growth necessitates opening a new branch in New York City, which is the company plan for Q2 20024.  Oksana believes the growth of her company is a testament to the innovative approach she and her team deliver for their growing clientele.

“As crucial as that is, however, I believe we give our clients something even more essencial: confidence to act,” Oksana reflects. “Many of the peers I work with are accomplished executives in their industries. However, who could have foreseen just how much digital marketing and AI would rewrite the rules of marketing and scalability? With the full realization that the disruption we see today is the beginning of the long journey of AI adoption in marketing and business operations, our clients are looking for a fresh and sometimes provocative look at what their industries have to offer at the age of AI transformation”. 

About OM Strategic Forecasting

OM Strategic Forecasting was founded by Oksana Matviichuk and specializes in holistic business planning and innovative marketing solutions for dynamic markets. It excels in decoding consumer complexities, driving strategic resilience, and fostering sustainable growth. By bridging the gap between business planning and marketing execution, OM Strategic Forecasting steers businesses toward sustainable growth and a resilient position in fluctuating markets. Its proprietary methodology, OM Strategy as a Service, was developed to interpret evolving consumer behaviors and transform the value a business brings to its consumers, ensuring sustainable growth. OM Strategic Forecasting remains committed to innovative strategies that refine business processes for enduring resilience.

For more information about OM Strategic Forecasting, please visit its website.

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