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Good Press Challenges Status Quo with New Podcast


PR pro Lindsey Habenicht is launching “The Good Press Pod” in March 2024.

Podcasting is an emerging art that blends storytelling with technology in a bid to democratize media and offer a platform to voice from all corners of the globe. It’s already a $27.3 billion business and growing rapidly, popular due to its accessibility and versatility.

Lindsey Habenicht, CEO and founder of public relations firm Good Press, is ready to further amplify the podcast movement with the pending launch of The Good Press Pod. Lindsey is an experienced PR professional, and her new weekly podcast is set to premiere March 11, 2024.

This move represents a natural progression of Lindsey’s prestigious career, which spans both the marketing and the nonprofit sector. The podcast is a strategic expansion of her PR agency, Good Press; and it is intended to further her mission to use public relations as a force for good.

As we look at the goals, target audience, and envisioned impact of the Good Press Pod, it’s key to note that Lindsey – founder, host, and driving force behind a carefully curated guest selection – is driven by the ethos she embraced during her work in the nonprofit sector. 

“We are driven by the belief that purpose-driven brands have the power to create positive change in the world,” Lindsey shares of her agency. “Good Press is where impact meets influence.”

She is excited to use the podcast to educate and share conversations with guests – entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, charitable organizations, and more. “The Good Press Pod is a purpose-driven PR podcast,” Lindsey explains. “With over a decade of experience working in PR and marketing, I’ve navigated every angle – I’ve freelanced, side-hustled, worked in an agency, led a non-profit, and now run my own impact-focused PR firm, Good Press. This podcast is an opportunity to chat about all things PR, pulling back the curtain on what truly drives success, and sharing the strategies, stories, and practical tools that empower entrepreneurs to make a difference.”

Lindsey shares that The Good Press Pod was born out of a desire to provide a platform where the power of true stories can be harnessed to inspire, educate, and mobilize. The podcast will dissect the intricacies of public relations, marketing, and brand building through the lens of social responsibility and overall positive impact. Its primary goal is to offer listeners the knowledge and tools needed to leverage their influence for the greater good, transforming their ventures into vehicles for societal change.

The target audience of The Good Press Pod will focus on entrepreneurs, business leaders, and aspiring changemakers who share a common vision for a better world. These are individuals seeking to blend commerce with cause, and to understand how they can elevate their impact without compromising on their values. The podcast serves as a resource for these purpose-driven professionals, offering them a blend of inspiration, practical advice, and actionable strategies to handle the complexities of making a meaningful difference through their work.

The host, Lindsey, brings to the table her extensive experience as a non-profit leader, public relations professional, speaker, and certified life and success coach. Her background provides her with a multifaceted perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie at the heart of impact-driven entrepreneurship. As she moderates discussions, Lindsey will engage with her guests in deep, thoughtful conversations that unearth the nuances of creating and sustaining a purpose-driven brand. Her approachable demeanor and genuine curiosity create an environment where guests can share their stories, insights, and lessons learned, making each episode a rich learning experience for listeners.

Listeners can expect a wide range of conversations designed to illuminate different aspects of impact-driven PR, with topics ranging from the practical, such as crafting a messaging strategy that resonates with one’s values; to the philosophical, like exploring the ethics of marketing in today’s consumer culture. Episodes will look at case studies of successful brand activations, discuss the challenges of balancing profit and purpose, and provide insights into the latest trends in digital strategy and content marketing.

The podcast will tackle the tough questions, too – like how to measure the success of a social purpose initiative and the implications of advocacy in brand identity. Through these discussions, The Good Press Pod will provide a holistic view of what it means to be a purpose-driven brand in the 21st century, equipping listeners with the knowledge and inspiration to make their mark on the world.

Good Press may just be getting started, but it’s backed by years of expertise and – most of all – heart.

“When your heart overflows into your leadership, that’s a legacy,” Lindsey shares. “We are on a mission to help business leaders, influencers, and aspiring changemakers elevate their impact to do good, for good.”

The launch of The Good Press Pod by Lindsey represents a significant milestone in the journey of Good Press, expanding its mission beyond traditional public relations to embrace the transformative potential of podcasting. By creating a space for meaningful conversations around impact, advocacy, and entrepreneurship, Lindsey hopes to empower a new generation of business leaders and changemakers poised to use their platforms for the greater good. As listeners tune in to The Good Press Pod, they will find a community of like-minded individuals committed to making a difference, one story at a time.

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