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Rita Yuwei Li: Architectural Elegance Meets Sci-Fi Innovation in ‘Futuristic City


What inspired you to blend traditional architecture with futuristic innovations in your artwork “Futuristic City”? As a concept artist, I am drawn to the ability to create something entirely new and unrestricted by real-world limitations. ‘Futuristic City’ allowed me to break free from real-world constraints and create a unique blend of fantasy and sci-fi aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from cyberpunk science fiction, I explored how architectural design could integrate past and future styles in my concept art project “Futuristic City”.

How does “Futuristic City” exemplify your ability to transcend conventional artistic norms?

“Futuristic City” showcases my ability to break artistic norms by creating new styles, embracing imagination, drawing from reality, and prioritizing the human experience.  My ability to navigate these uncharted territories sets me apart and enriches the artistic landscape.

Can you describe the visual elements that bring the vibrant streets of “Futuristic City” to life?

The vibrant streets of “Futuristic City” come alive through a blend of architectural elements. It contains elements of Roman architecture, such as the arches and curved facade. Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles contribute to the cityscape with their elegant flourishes and embellishments. The futuristic touch is achieved through modern skyscrapers, neon lights, and holograms, infusing the streets with innovation and technology.

How does your background in contemporary architectural styles influence your concept art?

I specialize in environment concept art, and architecture plays a big role in environment concept art. When designing manmade environments, I draw inspiration from various architectural styles. Capturing the aesthetics of architecture is my passion, and it adds depth and authenticity to my concept art.

In what ways does your work in video game environmental concepts reflect your imaginative capabilities?The intricate process of worldbuilding showcases my imaginative capabilities. When tasked with creating entirely new cultures and their environments, I delve into a multifaceted endeavor. Worldbuilding includes not only the design of natural landscapes but also the intricacies of technology, art, history, and architecture unique to each culture. When I design an imaginative environment, I always use real life environments as inspirations and combine them with the imaginative elements, all while aligning with the game’s specific storytelling. Crafting compelling environment concept art demands extensive knowledge and professional design skills.

What international recognitions has “Futuristic City” received that highlight its innovative concept?“Futuristic City” received the Vega Digital Award Platinum Award, JIA Illustration Award 2023 Silver Award and Creative Quarterly vol.72 Illustration Runner Up, showcasing its captivating illustrations on a global stage. Most recently, the project was nominated in the 9th China Illustration Biennial Longlist.

How did the JIA Illustration Award and Vega Digital Award acknowledge your excellence in illustration and digital content creation?Participating in these international competitions has allowed me to immerse myself in the vibrant art community. I am thrilled to be nominated alongside such talented individuals. These acknowledgments motivate me to continue pushing the boundaries of my craft and contribute to the art community.

How does blending 2D and 3D painting techniques enhance the narrative and visual impact of “Futuristic City”?My goal is to create art that is not only visually appealing but also tells a compelling story.  By blending 2D and 3D painting techniques, I can better visualize the narratives in the concept art.These advanced techniques also help me to create the grand scale, details, and atmosphere rendered in this project.

What personal significance does the “Futuristic City” project hold for you?It stands as one of my most successful endeavors, a testament to my creative vision and dedication. Notably, my achievement of the silver award in the JIA Illustration Award led to an invitation to join the Japanese Illustration Association. Moreover, “Futuristic City” received attention and was honored with invitations to exhibitions. This project contains my passion, hard work, and the thrill of artistic recognition.

What has been the public and professional reception of “Futuristic City” at international festivals and exhibitions?The project had the privilege of being showcased at both the JIA Illustration Award 2023 Exhibition in Beijing, China, and The Holy Art Gallery’s Art on Loop exhibition in NYC. It was also published in the JIA Illustration Award 2023 book. The art industry has showered it with love and attention, and I am immensely grateful for the recognition it has garnered.


How do you view the role of creativity and imagination in pushing the boundaries of concept art?Creativity and imagination is one of the most important aspects of concept art. They breathe life into narratives and storytelling. Whether it’s envisioning futuristic cities, mythical creatures, or alternate realities, creativity, and imagination push concept art beyond the ordinary, inviting viewers to explore realms where possibility knows no bounds.

In what way is “Futuristic City” a testament to the possibilities that arise from combining talent and vision in art?Within the context of entertainment art, whether in games or films, the hunger for innovation drives creators to explore uncharted territories.  Audience is looking for the designs and stories that’s not been seen before. By combining together unique perspectives and imagination, projects like “Futuristic City” provide more possibilities and break free from convention.

How does your work impact and inspire the creative world beyond digital design and technology? My concept art shapes narratives, sparks creativity, and invites viewers to dream beyond the screen. In the process of making video games, my work serves as the blueprint for immersive worlds. Game designers, level artists, and storytellers draw inspiration from my visual designs. It also carries cultural weight. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about history, identity, and culture. It can also inspire other artists to see the possibilities—the bridge between imagination and execution.

Where can individuals learn more about Rita Yuwei Li’s artistic process and other works?

Feel free to follow my creative journey on my personal website

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