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Deeana Owens, Real Estate’s “The Listing Lady,” Guides California’s Investors to New Opportunities in the South


The California exodus is real: in 2022, over 800,000 people left the state, with Texas one of the top destinations. What’s behind the shift? “Home prices and the cost of living are two major factors,” says Deeana Owens, the owner/founder of Owens Real Estate Inc. “In California, the average cost of a home is roughly $799,000 while in Texas, it’s only about $351,000. It is even less than that in other southern states, such as Georgia, where Atlanta was recently named the 2nd Hottest Rental Market in the country. So, it’s understandable that people, including housing providers, are intrigued by the possibilities of real estate in the South. The region represents an excellent opportunity for Californians to trade their low-performing properties for those that are potentially more lucrative.”


Owens is the creator of “The CA-GA Connection,” a program that provides California property owners with exclusive information that helps them to find cash-producing properties in Texas and Georgia. While she is one of the top realtors in the Oakland area, she first began as an award-winning real estate agent in Atlanta. She is combining her understanding of both markets to eliminate the gap between California homeowners and properties in the South.


“I started in real estate back in 2005 when I was a senior at Clark Atlanta University,” she explains. “I got a great feel for Georgia’s market as I worked at Keller Williams Realty. Due to having some amazing mentors who put no limits on what I could do, I was able to prove myself and earned ‘Rookie of the Year.’”


Her first realtor position revealed that Deeana had a natural aptitude for problem solving, emotional intelligence, and active listening, three qualities that served her well after she graduated. While she left real estate to work as an Account Executive at UPS and later, Fedex Services, her initiative and ability to relate to those around her were noticed.


“I had a lot of leadership positions and continued to progress in my career in sales,” Deeana remembers. “However, as much as I loved what I was doing, I still had real estate in my heart, especially because it changes people’s lives for the better.”


She reveals that she eventually chose to return to her hometown of Oakland in California because she felt it was time to embark on a long-held dream. “I was more than ready to make a difference by founding The New Oakland, a nonprofit that improved the wealth, financial literacy, and homeownership in the Black community,” Deeana says. “I was also interested in becoming an entrepreneur and starting my own agency, Owens Real Estate.”

With over 200,000 realtors in California and an 87% national failure rate, Deeana was well-aware that she would have to be exceptional to stand out. She says that she focused relentlessly on solving the problems endemic in the industry, including the breakdown in the relationships between realtors and clients as well as lack of communication.

“It was not easy, of course, but by staying true to my values, hiring the right agents, and emphasizing integrity and reliability, we grew and established an excellent reputation,” she states. “In fact, we have been so successful that we have achieved an average of 18% above the asking price for homeowners who are selling their properties.”

“The CA-GA Connection” is Deeana’s solution for California housing providers who have been struggling with the state’s COVID moratorium on paying rent and the shifting regulations that favor tenants.

“I have spoken with many investors who say that because of the challenges in California, they feel discouraged about the future of their investments,” she says. “Remember, though, that the South is experiencing a boom because of its low cost of housing and living. It means that California housing providers who are flexible and visionaries have a prime opportunity to trade their properties for those in Texas and Georgia that can generate more income.”

Knowing whether to add Southern properties to a portfolio all comes down to having the right information. With “The CA-GA Connection,” Deeana is helping California housing providers understand their options and make the investment choices that are right for them.

“In real estate, it is vital to keep one eye on your market and the other eye on the rest of the country,” she believes. “California is a difficult place for housing providers right now, but Texas and Georgia, where regulations are less stringent, are not. A property in either state may very well be the investment solution you have been looking for.”

About Owens Real Estate

Owens Real Estate is a boutique real estate firm that connects owners of multi-unit properties and homes in California with new investment properties in Georgia and Texas. Founded by Deeana Owens, “The Listing Lady,” the firm goes beyond transactions and instead focuses on excellence, customer service, and genuine relationships. With its dedication to helping its valued clients to achieve the lifestyles they dream of, Owens Real Estate has quickly become one of the leaders of Northern California’s real estate scene.

For more information about Owens Real Estate, including the “CA-GA Connection,” please see the firm’s website or contact:  

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