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Farah Naz and FARAH NAZ New York Lead the Fashion Industry into a Sustainable Future


As global warming continues, revealing the impacts of increasing CO2 emissions and fewer natural resources, the question is how the fashion industry will respond. It is third only to fossil fuels and agriculture in terms of pollution, so its brands and professionals will have a vital role in restoring the health of the planet. What will this vision mean for luxury fashion, whose unsustainable practices have included incinerating clothes that did not sell and throwing out substandard fabrics? Fashion designer/Creative Director Farah Naz, who founded the luxury brand FARAH NAZ New York, believes that far from hindering the progress of fashion professionals, eco-conscious practices will actually free them to be wonderfully creative. “We will remind ourselves where real beauty comes from: our planet,” she says. “And, what is even more exciting is that it is already happening. FARAH NAZ New York is proving that the elegance of haute couture and the Earth’s dignity are intertwined.”

FARAH NAZ New York first began turning heads in 2019, when its dazzling collection of wedding dresses, evening gowns, and ready-to-wear apparel hit the catwalks at New York’s Fashion Week. Conventional wisdom at the time said that “eco-friendly” meant unattractive and uncomfortable, so designers, photographers, and consumers were skeptical that a sustainable line of luxury clothing could transcend expectations. That all changed when the music started and FARAH NAZ New York’s models stepped onto the stage. All eyes were on an exciting collection of hand-beaded gowns made with organic and biodegradable fabrics, recycled materials, and natural dyes.

“You have to remember that the audience at New York’s Fashion Week always has some of the industry’s biggest names who come from all over the world,” says Farah Naz. “They are not easily impressed. So, it really was a tremendous honor to receive so many compliments. I was very happy that I could help the industry shift to a new future, one in which sustainable clothing is lovely, unforgettable, and, yes, comfortable.”

Since that dramatic first moment, Farah Naz and her team have been traveling the world, bringing their vision of luxury, “green” clothing to fashion enthusiasts. She is greatly encouraged by the surge of interest in her designs, both among her peers and consumers.

“I think for quite a while, people who enjoyed opulent fashion felt, perhaps, a little guilty about it,” Farah Naz reflects. “They knew that the industry is responsible for 8-10% of the world’s emissions, yet they had very few alternatives for haute couture. They felt they had to choose between their appreciation of exquisitely crafted gowns or ready-to-wear apparel and respect for the planet. And, it’s true – for a while, they did have to choose one or the other. I am delighted that FARAH NAZ New York is allowing them to have both.”

She reveals that more of her peers are recognizing their roles in leading the fashion world in a sustainable direction and are reexamining their own impact on the planet. “I am heartened by this growing acknowledgment that what we do matters in more ways than one,” says Farah Naz. “With every piece that we create, we can guide our societies to a healthier future. It is up to designers and consumers to unite in a common goal of making the planet better for all of us, and at FARAH NAZ New York, we are thrilled to see this happening everywhere.”

FARAH NAZ New York is a privately-owned global women’s fashion brand based in New York City. Founded by Farah Naz, it embodies intricately detailed traditional and modern hand-embroidered designs infused with eastern and western styles, creating easy-to-wear fashions. To learn more about FARAH NAZ New York, please visit

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