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American Liberty Silver Unearths the Benefits of Traditional Health Practices for Health and Wellness


American Liberty Silver asks all of us one question: is modern always better? While you may be tempted to say “yes,” pause for a moment. The automobile did make transportation faster, but it also led to increased emissions. The Internet does connect the world but at the expense of in-person connections. What about pharmaceuticals? No one can deny that they have proven effective at fighting various diseases, but do we really understand their long-term impact on our bodies? A growing number of people around the United States are choosing to walk away from the uncertainties of modern medicine. “They are returning to the roots of healing the human body, naturopathy, and in particular, silver,” explains Michael Breinholt, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath (BCTN) and the Vice President at American Liberty Silver. “What they are finding is that far from being misguided, ancient practitioners had it right: silver can do everything from improve the immune system to destroy viruses, bacteria, and yeast. Nature has given us so much of what we need in one amazing substance.”

The use of alkaline silver in health practices dates back centuries. The National Institutes of Health says that “the use of silver to control infections was common in ancient civilizations.” Interestingly, its application in therapy can be recorded as early as the Han Dynasty in China, several thousand years ago. 

“Silver was extensively utilized to treat health problems,” Breinholt confirms. “Even during the Middle Ages, people took it, so its ability to optimize health and wellness has long been recognized.”

Adam Kelley, Sales Manager, and Michael Breinholt, Vice President of Marketing

American Liberty Silver

Its usage faded somewhat in the early 20th century and at the advent of what we know as modern medicine. With the increasing emphasis on pills and other pharmaceuticals, the ancient wisdom about natural substances took a backseat.

In recent years, however, there has been a growing backlash against chemicals and a preference for naturopathy, which emphasizes that the body can heal itself through natural remedies. Silver, in particular, is receiving renewed attention for its remarkable abilities, including its impact on acne, diaper rash, the cleanliness of water, and even malaria.

“Consider what the usage of silver is already accomplishing in Africa, where malaria is such a huge concern,” says Breinholt. “Taken orally, silver has successfully treated the disease because it attacks and destroys the plasmodia, or parasites, found in it. In one study, 964 patients across four clinics made complete recoveries in just five days. This is a disease that kills over 600,000 people every year, and silver can help them.”

Also of intense interest to scientists and consumers alike is the ability of silver to destroy viruses, bacteria, yeast, candida, and fungus, all of which cause 85% of diseases. Breinholt explains that he and Adam Kelley ultimately founded American Liberty Silver because they were excited about the healing potential of silver, whether ingested or applied topically.

“We believe that the naturopaths from hundreds of years ago knew what they were doing when they used silver to heal themselves,” says Kelley. “Yes, sometimes society improves as it gets older and leaves behind outdated ideas. The world is not flat, after all. In this case, however, there is more than enough room for silver and its amazing properties, even in the technological age.”

To empower consumers, American Liberty Silver offers its “Alkaline Structured Silver Solution,” the first pH-balanced (alkaline) silver suitable for daily use and developed for the human body. It comes currently in three forms: a Silver liquid, a gel to use topically, and a mouthwash. The solution’s numerous uses aid in the destruction of pathogens throughout the body and on the body.

“The ability of silver to heal our bodies is virtually unlimited,” Breinholt thinks. “It’s already been shown to combat aging, sanitize our hands, serve as a substitute for lozenges, and get rid of acne. As naturopathy expands and we return to past wisdom for answers to medical issues, we will see more exciting uses for silver discovered. We cannot be afraid to rewrite the rules of health. Nature has given us everything we need to fight disease. We only need the wisdom to use it.”

About American Liberty Silver

American Liberty Silver is a leading provider of health and wellness solutions. With a commitment to producing high-quality, effective products, American Liberty Silver strives to lead the way in bringing ancient remedies to the modern consumer, promoting overall health and well-being. With the launch of its Alkaline Structured Silver Solution, American Liberty Silver continues to contribute to the advancement of healthcare.

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