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Top Holiday Gifts for 2023: Perfect Picks for Your Furry Friends


The holiday season is almost here – and it’s time (or past time!) to start shopping for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. And let’s not forget our furry friends (and their “pawrents”). Whether you have a pet of your own that you want to spoil, or friends or family that do, the holidays are a great time to celebrate our beloved companions.

We already know that pet owners love their pets. But did you know that in 2022, Americans shelled out a whopping $136.8 billion on their pets? That’s a jump from $123.6 billion in 2021! And the APPA predicts that we’re not slowing down. They’re expecting us to spend even more in 2023, with the figure projected to reach $143.6 billion. Pets are definitely living the high life!

For the 2023 holidays, we’ve put together an array of innovative, thoughtful, and downright adorable gifts that will delight both pets and their owners. Here’s a curated list of the top holiday gifts for your friends who are proud pet parents.

The Custom Plushie

At Cuddle Cones, you can order a customized stuffed version of your pet! They aren’t cheap, but it’s definitely a unique gift and a fun way to immortalize your canine companion. Also, a portion of the proceeds are donated to help feed shelter dogs! The bespoke Cuddle Clones are a tribute to your pet, crafted with top-notch faux fur, carefully designed to mirror your pet’s distinct appearance and unique characteristics, creating a truly special keepsake. The company even offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

The Cutting-Edge ID Tag

While we all love the jingle of sleigh-bells at Christmas, the year-long jingle of dog tags gets pretty old. Switch to silicone with Besties and ditch the old metal tags that scratch and jangle. These tags are much more durable since they’re scratch-proof, waterproof, easy to clean, and even customizable with a huge variety of colors and styles. The silicone pet ID tags are silent – and they feature a deep engraving with high contrast, ensuring that your vital contact info is easy to read in case of a lost pet.

The Splurge Collar

Okay, you know you secretly want it – the iconic Versace aesthetic in a gorgeous dog collar! Not all of us are going to drop $300 on a dog collar. (Okay, probably most of us won’t.) But if you’re searching for a luxury pet gift, this is the one. It comes in small and large, in either black or pink, both with gold-tone hardware featuring the famous Medusa emblem. The outer layer is polyester for durability; the inside is calf leather for comfort. Do we need this? Eh … do we love this? YES!

The Gift Card

But not just any gift card. Chewy is a huge name in the pet business, and for good reason: they’re the leading online retailer specializing in pet products, offering a vast range of items including pet food, toys, and healthcare supplies. Chewy is renowned for its exceptional customer service, providing a convenient and personalized shopping experience for pet owners. They’re a go-to source for all kinds of pet care needs.

The Dog Treat Maker

Wait, what? Yes – there’s an adorable (and affordable) way to make dog treats at home! Check out the Dash Dog Treat maker, available at Williams Sonoma – it’s under $30, and you can make homemade, nutritious dog treats. Cook up to eight bone-shaped snacks in mere minutes. It’s a breeze to use – plug it in, pour in the batter, and you’re set – and comes with a nonstick surface for smooth treat release and easy cleaning, heating up swiftly with an indicator light for readiness, and sporting a charming paw-print pattern on the Bakelite cover, along with recipes for natural, whole-ingredient treats like Peanut Butter Pumpkin and Grain-Free Greenies. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will benefit animal rescue efforts at North Shore Animal League America (based in Port Washington, NY)!

The Pet Portrait

This one’s a classic – it’s another way to immortalize your pet, if the tailor-made plushie isn’t quite your thing. (It’s more affordable, too.) Furry Royal will create a canvas masterpiece from your photos, and they offer a variety of fun themes: military, royalty, superhero, astronaut – and, of course, more traditional portraits. Want to turn your cat into Iron Man? Go for it!

Wrap it Up

Make this holiday season special for your friends and their furry family members with these thoughtful and fun gift ideas. Some are practical – like the innovative Besties pet tags – and some are lavish (okay, was the Versace collar too much?). For every budget and style, there’s something to delight every pet and their parent. Happy gifting!

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