Tuesday, April 23, 2024

This Stocking Stuffer Turns Anything Into A Speaker, and It’s Topping Christmas Gift Lists on TikTok


This holiday season, one gadget smaller than a golf ball is going viral on TikTok because of its ability to turn anything into a speaker. No matter where it’s placed – on a shower door, dashboard, or piano – sound is amplified, up to 3 times louder than most phones. Suddenly, your most ordinary of activities, like your shower, sounds like a concert. The portable Bluetooth Anything Speaker uses vibration to create sound, unleashing a new way for you to enjoy music. This includes reconnecting those with hearing issues to the feeling of sound and allowing musicians to use their instrument as a backing track.

This new sound experience begins with founder Jacob Feldman, a graduate of Berklee College of Music. He had a close relationship with his grandparents and enjoyed writing music for them with his brother. The aging process, however, took a toll on their hearing, and over time, their connection to sound became more distant. 

“I wanted to find a way they could experience sound again,” Jacob remembers. “So, I used my understanding of audio engineering to create a portable speaker that uses vibrations to make sound.”

The key to turning anything into a speaker lies in its bone conduction technology. Sound waves are sent into a table, door, or other hollow surface, making the area vibrate and creating 360° omnidirectional audio. The listener is instantly transported into an immersive and unique soundscape. When two speakers are connected, the person enjoys 3D stereo audio and even more volume. Because Anything Speaker does not contain any bulky parts, it can be carried in a pocket and used practically anywhere.

One of Jacob’s best memories will always be when he used the innovative speaker to help his grandparents feel their favorite music again. “It is easy to take for granted our ability to connect with sound – until you no longer have it,” he says. “Seeing my grandparents enjoy songs from their childhood was wonderful, and I was happy that advancements in technology made it possible.”

Everyone loves to crank up music, of course, so it wasn’t long before Anything Speaker went viral on TikTok. It earned a spot in Amazon’s top 10 new releases for portable Bluetooth speakers, received over 40 million views on a single Tik Tok, and was the highest rated product on The Grommet editorial. 

Now, as Anything Speaker lands on Christmas lists, Jacob credits its popularity to one factor: simplicity. “Without any wires or crazy instructions, it could not be easier to use,” he says. “Now everyone, even those who have hearing challenges, can really explore sound. That is leading to nostalgia, relaxation, and a whole lot of fun.”

Anything Speaker is the top-selling mini Bluetooth speaker on Tik Tok. Its utilization of bone conduction technology sends sound waves into a surface, making anything become a speaker. Users are able to experience sound in a whole new way and turn an ordinary environment into a concert. For more information on Anything Speaker, including upcoming specials, please visit https://anythingspeaker.com/.

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