Monday, April 22, 2024 Empowers Real Estate Teams to Succeed in America’s Toughest Market: New York City


The difficulties that New York City residents face when buying a home or even renting an apartment are well-known. The ultra-competitive real estate market can create the false impression that agents and brokers are in total control and are ringing up sales. “Not exactly,” says Johan Nilsson, the founder of, which connects people who are eager to buy with businesses just as eager to sell. “With tens of thousands of licensed agents in Manhattan alone, real estate professionals are struggling to succeed in New York City’s housing market. We have found that the difference between a real estate team that thrives and one that does not ultimately comes down to one factor: how easily and effectively it communicates with clients. Through cutting-edge AI technology, Convolo eliminates all friction points, resulting in more leads, less time spent waiting by customers, and more of what all agents want: sales.”

Johan explains that customer service and, in particular, speed have always been the mark of excellent real estate agencies, especially those in New York City. No matter how talented the team is or how committed the potential customer is, the sale will be lost to other agencies if communication stalls or breaks down.

“That’s particularly true today because customers are already learning about agencies by visiting their websites,” Johan says. “Whereas in the past, people flipped open the phonebook and called a realtor, today they are conducting a ‘pre-visit’ online before speaking to an agent. This ultimately highlights two crucial points: first, agencies must understand every potential unseen touchpoint with a customer, and second, they must also ensure that it is 100% frictionless. If they do, they begin beating their competitors and getting the sales.”

Convolo has earned an industry-wide reputation for streamlining the sales pipeline for realtors. Its engineers designed an AI-Powered Lead Acceleration Platform, a highly effective communications tool for sales teams. Its features fortify both the inbound sales and outbound sales processes and include:

  • Speed to Lead: Call every new lead within 1 minute.
  • Lead Routing: Efficiently route new leads to the most appropriate sales representative or team based on predefined criteria.
  • Lead Distribution: Equitably distribute leads among sales agents to optimize workload and ensure fair opportunities for conversion.
  • Lead Response: Benefit from timely and targeted engagement with leads, maximizing the chances of conversion through prompt and relevant communication.
  • Triple-Line Dialer: Empower agents to make up to 100 calls per hour, enhancing productivity and outreach capabilities for efficient lead communication.
  • Power Dialer: Increase calling efficiency by automating dialing processes, enabling agents to handle a high volume of calls with minimal manual effort.
  • Auto Dialer: Automate the dialing process to streamline outbound calling, reducing manual workload and increasing overall calling efficiency.
  • Sales Dialer: Optimize the outreach process, boost the productivity of sales teams, and enhance customer engagement through a tailor-made dialing solution.

“Remember, real estate agencies already have the fundamentals in place: a website and contact information,” says Johan. “Convolo is analyzing every minute step of the customer sales funnel, finding the congestion, and eliminating it. Every second matters, and getting each back is the key to revving up your sales and revenue.”

He recommends that realtors consider one inspiring fact as they think about improving their sales pipeline: millions across New York City own or rent apartments. While no agency can handle all of those potential customers, Convolo’s communication solutions can increase its capacity to convert more of them.

“What will your team members be able to accomplish when their productivity is increased ten-fold?” Johan asks. “When they get 25-75% more leads through our Phone Button and Popup? When their lead-to-close rate increases by up to 4 times? That is the Convolo difference. You will see your agency scale when you can connect rapidly with customers and give them exceptional service, from the beginning of the sales process to the end.”

About Convolo

Convolo was founded by Johan Nilsson and is an AI-powered lead acceleration platform that helps businesses have better lead generation and sales conversions. Convolo serves companies across Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas with services that include Speed to Lead, Lead Routing, Lead Distribution, Lead Response, Multi Line Dialer, Power Dialer, Auto Dialer, and Sales Dialer. For more information about Convolo, including how to increase the per-agent capacity to up to 100 contacts per hour, please visit

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