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Author Micah Bravery’s New Book, Love Beyond the Battle: Embracing the Unknown


In August 2023, Micah Bravery – a multi-talented producer, writer, and host best known for his work on the These Fukken Feelings Podcast – released his groundbreaking personal memoir, Love Beyond the Battle : A Journey of Cancer & Redemption. It’s a touching portrayal of love, endurance, recovery, and self-revelation as Micah confronted the daunting battle with cancer.

Now he’s penning a new work, Love Beyond the Battle: Whispers of Sacrifice.

“It’s not uncommon to hear stories of people who have fought cancer,” Micah shares. “But what about the aftermath? What about life in remission? Not enough people talk about it. It’s an overwhelming sea of emotions. You’re relieved, excited, exhausted, and scared – that it will come back. That all your hard work will be for nothing. It’s just not addressed. So I’m addressing it now.”

His new book is set for release in January 2024. But let’s explore the original work of hope and recovery, which has garnered so much support, alongside Micah’s critically acclaimed mental health podcast, “These Fukken Feelings Podcast”, which champions the power of vulnerable storytelling.

“When I was writing the first book, I wanted to follow the same lines of the podcast, which was launched in 2018,” Micah explains. “It’s storytelling, in its purest form – vulnerable, unfiltered, deeply human.”

Micah invites readers into his world, where the shadow of cancer looms large, threatening to engulf everything he holds dear. Through candid prose and heartfelt reflection, he navigates the tumultuous waters of a life-altering diagnosis with unwavering courage. And the result is a poignant exploration of Micah’s personal journey—how he grapples with the physical and emotional turmoil of cancer treatment and, more importantly, how he finds redemption amidst the darkness. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, demonstrating that even in the bleakest moments, love has the power to transcend pain and suffering.

“It’s actually a love story,” Micah says of his first book. “It’s the story of my own deep and abiding love for his family and close friends  and their unwavering support during my battle with cancer. It’s a story about the strength of familial bonds, and it shows that love can be a guiding light even in the darkest of times.”

Micah’s portrayal of love encompasses the love and support he receives from friends, healthcare professionals, and even strangers. Through his words, he paints a vivid picture of the compassion and empathy that permeate the human experience, reminding readers that acts of love, no matter how small, can have a profound impact.

“Cancer is definitely not just a physical battle,” Micah states. “It’s emotional. It’s a test of endurance and resilience. In my writing, I want to provide an unvarnished look at the physical and emotional toll of cancer treatment—the pain, the fear, and the uncertainty.” 

The result is a raw and honest portrayal of a journey fraught with challenges, where each day is a battle to endure and overcome. Yet, both editions of Love Beyond the Battle are ultimately stories of recovery. “The human body and spirit have a remarkable capacity to heal and rebuild,” Micah says. “My journey of recovery was one of hope. I learned that even in the face of adversity, there is the potential for transformation and renewal.”

The battle with cancer forced Micah to confront his own mortality and also his identity and purpose in life. It has been a journey of self-revelation, where he continues to grapple with profound questions about the meaning of life and the legacy he wishes to leave behind.

Micah had to face the shocking revelation of his diagnosis, followed by painful treatment, and finally recovery – and he underwent a transformation—a deepening of self-awareness and a reevaluation of his priorities. His memoir is a testament to the power of self-discovery, illustrating that even in the darkest moments, there is the potential for personal growth and transformation.

Love Beyond the Battle has received resounding praise from readers and critics alike. Its touching portrayal of love, endurance, recovery, and self-revelation has resonated with audiences around the world. Readers have praised Micah’s candid and heartfelt writing style, which creates an emotional connection that transcends the page.

Many readers have shared their own stories of resilience and recovery inspired by Micah’s memoir. Love Beyond the Battle has become a source of solace and hope for those facing their battles, be it with illness or other life challenges. It is a shining example of the power of storytelling to inspire, uplift, and provide a sense of shared humanity. It showcases the indomitable spirit of the human soul. 

Micah’s saga through the darkest moments of his life is a story of redemption that reminds us all of the resilience within us. In the face of adversity, Micah’s memoir serves as a guiding light, illuminating the transformative power of love and the capacity for recovery and self-revelation. It stands as a testament to the strength of familial bonds and the compassion that defines the human experience.

Love Beyond the Battle: A Journey of Cancer & Redemption is a poignant reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is the potential for growth, healing, and renewal. It’s a tale of hope and redemption that will continue to inspire and uplift readers for generations to come. As Micah finalizes his new book, he is excited to share the continued transformation that has given his life renewed meaning with each and every new day.

Love Beyond the Battle: Whispers of Sacrifice will be available on Amazon on January 19, 2024.

Learn more: https://www.micahbravery.com/

Podcast: https://www.fukkenfeelings.com/ 

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