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Irvinei Disrupts Home Security with New Smart Doorbell System, AI, and Social Media


The next time you lock your door and go on errands, stop for a moment and think about this: while 75% of all U.S. homes are projected to have a break-in within a 20-year period, only 72% have a security system of some type. That leaves a significant number without any protection. Why is there such a large gap? “As you would expect, it usually comes down to cost,” says Khurram Hussain, co-founder of Irvinei. “Most high-quality systems are priced for homeowners in upper income brackets. As a result, lower-income people either go without home security or settle for something ineffective. We decided to innovate an affordable middle ground: a futuristic smart home and security doorbell system powered by AI and social media.”

Hussain and his team of engineers are passionate about the right of every person to enjoy the sanctuary of their home. In their quest to create reasonably priced, effective security for the middle class, single parents, and the elderly, they analyzed the tools at their disposal, including social media and the impressive power of artificial technology. Combining the two would lead to Irvinei’s smart doorbell system.

“Social media was key because people already had pictures of their family members and friends stored on their channels. Why not tap into that wealth of information to help homeowners identify who is at their door?” Hussain asks. “Artificial intelligence would provide the foundation for it and make it efficient and accurate.”

The Irvinei system includes high-tech video cameras that are mounted discreetly and capture key events surrounding the home. When a person rings the doorbell, Irvinei instantly compares them to the people in the social media photos and lets the homeowner know who is visiting. 

“This is an important advancement in home security, especially because we took it one step further. We created a Smart Visitor Log, meaning that when you’re away from your home, you can still learn who stopped by,” Hussain explains.

Irvinei also prioritized voice messaging as well as two-way communication, with homeowners and visitors able to talk to each other via texts, live videos, and phone calls. The smart doorbell system is all about personalizing home security, as each homeowner has their own unique preferences for how they communicate with other people at any given time.

Not every visitor is a friend or family member, of course. Knowing that homeowners will always face the possibility of invasions, Irvinei designed its system to include security notifications when threats around the house are detected, including smoke, fire, and strangers, whose presence is included in the Smart Visitor Log.

“We also designed our Smart Neighborhood Watch, which allows everyone in the community to report any suspicious behavior they’ve seen,” says Hussain. “When residents work together to protect their neighborhoods, crime rates have the potential to go down, so we are very excited about including this feature.”

Irvinei’s team hopes that by making home security affordable, more individuals and families will protect their houses and feel peace of mind, whether they are sitting in front of the TV or out at work.

“It really is amazing how today’s technology is reinventing how we guard our houses and our privacy,” Hussan states. “Because of artificial intelligence and social media, we can now feel safer and more in control of our homes, which is exactly how it should be.”

Irvinei, the future of home security, lets users remain connected and informed about what’s happening outside their houses while they watch TV, cook in the kitchen, or simply relax. For more information about how AI and social media are changing how homes are protected, please visit or contact:

Khurram Hussain 

+1 (714) 261-9890

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