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The Ricordami Difference – Roses Preserved To Last Forever


The world’s first preserved roses with a lifetime guarantee are causing a stir in the luxury gift market.

For the first time in history, your roses don’t have to die.

Italian innovator Ricordami offers preserved floral arrangements that transcend the conventional boundaries of ornamentation. For elevated gift-gifting and luxury home décor, Ricordami creates eternally fresh rose arrangements that are embodiments of emotion, symbols of enduring love, and tangible representations of cherished memories.

Ricordami was founded by Italian artisan Aristofane Banaye, a skilled leatherworker who believes in the importance of traditional craftsmanship. Under his eye, Ricordami has become a rising name in upscale florals and luxury gifting. The key: combining time-honored crafting methods with modern technology, coupled with thoughtful sustainability.

The company’s rose arrangements allow customers to indulge in the luxury of preserved roses, ethically gathered from exquisite native blooms globally. Each flower, selected at its prime by independent cultivators, exudes rich hues, robust stems, and lush petals. 

The roses undergo a meticulous treatment process to meet stringent quality checks to ensure they are hypoallergenic, eternally vibrant, and emit a delicate, refined scent, all with minimal upkeep. The arrangements are presented in tastefully designed vases, available in acrylic, faux leather, marble, or suede. The choice is yours to personalize with an array of rose colors, vase materials, and sizes, crafting your ideal display.

Ricordami upholds the philosophy that flowers are powerful conveyors of emotions. An arrangement should tell a story of love and devotion – and that story dies when cut flowers wither in their vase. Imagine gifting your loved one with a luxury arrangement that lasts for a lifetime. The same blooms will be forever flawless, and will continue to evoke the warmth of that special day, standing as a perpetual reminder of love.

Symbolism is also key to Ricordami arrangements. Because each bloom is chosen for its beauty and preserved to last a lifetime, this symbolizes the permanence of the sentiments it represents. Be it love, gratitude, or remembrance, Ricordami’s florals eloquently express emotions that words often fail to capture. 

The meticulous craftsmanship behind each Ricordami arrangement is what imbues them with emotional depth. The brand’s artisans skillfully preserve the natural beauty and essence of the flowers, and every petal resonates with authenticity. This attention to detail is key to maintaining the physical attributes of the flowers; but it’s also about capturing a moment in time, a memory, an emotion.

Customization is also intensely important to the team at Ricordami. The company understands the personal nature of gifting and decor, so they offer customization options that allow customers to infuse their arrangements with individual significance. Personalization can take many forms; clients have color options, and they can also choose bases that align with the recipient’s style. This level of customization adds an emotional dimension to the arrangements.

Ricordami is also environmentally conscious; the sustainable aspect of their florals carries weight. The brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and the longevity of its products resonate with customers who are mindful of their ecological footprint. Those who choose Ricordami can feel a sense of responsibility and pride, knowing their beautiful arrangements do not contribute to the ephemeral waste of traditional cut flowers.

The company believes so strongly in the quality of its preserved roses that consumers can take advantage of a limited lifetime warranty. Ricordami offers a proprietary floral care kit subscription to ensure that your timeless blooms are gorgeous forever. No other company can offer a similar guarantee – because no one else preserves roses with this cutting-edge method.

So what is the Ricordami difference? It’s the brand’s ability to intertwine the beauty of nature with the profundity of human emotion. Through its exquisite, long-lasting floral arrangements, Ricordami has redefined the concept of floral decor, elevating it to an art form that celebrates love, commemorates life’s milestones, and honors memories. As Ricordami continues to craft these timeless pieces, it cements its place in the market of luxury décor, and in the hearts of those who seek to express their deepest sentiments through the enduring beauty of flowers.Learn more:

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