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Truss Financial Group: Unlocking New Opportunities for Homeowners with No Appraisal HELOCs


Truss Financial Group is a top-tier mortgage firm, specializing in helping homeowners access the equity available in their home. By leveraging a broad knowledge of different mortgage options, the company is able to offer financial solutions to people running into roadblocks due to insufficient income documentation. Truss Financial is at the forefront of transforming how the industry approaches a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). These innovative strategies are redefining mortgage opportunities for borrowers in need.

Conventional Lenders and a Novel Solution

Conventional banking institutions frequently avoid extending mortgage funding to individuals for a number of reasons, tax documents and filing status being among the most contested. This restriction is a significant barrier for homeowners whose earnings statements seem incomplete. Acknowledging this concern, Truss Financial Group steps up to serve this market segment.

Historically, a cash-out refinance was the choice of homeowners grappling with crippling credit card debt. This option involves using home equity to settle high-interest debts with a more favorable mortgage rate. Given the surge in homeowners refinancing during the pandemic, when interest rates reached unprecedented lows, the strategy is not as effective as it once was. As a result, homeowners are currently exploring different paths to keeping their initial mortgage rates while taking advantage of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

The No Appraisal HELOC

In light of the growing interest in HELOCs as a viable economic choice, Truss Financial Group proudly presents an improved solution— a No Appraisal HELOC. While many lenders focus on income verification and tax returns, Truss Financial Group offers an easy and ingenious way of gaining economic empowerment. The details are transparent, and the process is clear. The Truss Financial HELOC options can include:

  1. Accessibility for ANY homeowner looking to access home


  1. Loans close in as little as 5 days.
  2. No burden to:

·       Gather tax documents

·       Spend money on an appraisal

·       Wait for an appraiser to come out to your home. 

Allowing the mortgage broker to examine the borrower’s banking and deposit activity over the last three months to verify the ability to make HELOC payments, can open additional rate options – bypassing the limitations caused by excessive write-offs and inadequate income on tax returns. However, the No Doc HELOC solution is always available for those in need.

Truss Financial Group recognizes that financial issues can seemingly arise out of nowhere. Leveraging simplified solutions and extensive expertise in the sector, the No Doc HELOC can be completed in as little as 5 days. To be eligible,

borrowers are required to maintain a good credit history and must not be in

arrears on any outstanding debts. This guarantees a smooth and straightforward


Pioneering Non-Qualified Mortgages

Leading Truss Financial Group is CEO Jeff Miller, a self-made entrepreneur who once encountered the difficulties of securing mortgage financing, and later sought to build the solution he once needed. Boasting more than two decades of expertise in the mortgage field, Miller founded Truss Financial Group as one of the rare mortgage firms focused on “non-qualified mortgages” (NonQM). 

Following the 2008 financial crisis, mortgage companies faced stricter underwriting criteria, causing stated income mortgages to become less common. Nevertheless, Truss Financial Group has cultivated partnerships with smaller lenders, providing borrowers with alternative avenues for financing.

Despite new hurdles mounting in the mortgage sector, Truss Financial Group has continuously earned acclaim as one of the top 20 NonQM lenders year after year. As interest rates skyrocketed in 2022, major setbacks were par for the course as competitors collapsed, while Truss Financial Group strategically positioned itself for continuous growth – making sizable investments in technology and marketing. The commitment to creating innovative solutions to ever-prevalent client concerns has enabled Truss to prosper in an unpredictable market environment.

A Brighter Future for Homeowners

Truss Financial Group has firmly positioned itself as a prominent fixture in the mortgage sector, with a focus on serving the mortgage needs of homeowners in all stages of their economic journey. Their award-winning expertise in non-qualified mortgages and novel mortgage solutions has empowered Truss to tackle new client needs head-on. 

No Tax Return HELOC – Leave those tax forms filed away.

No Doc HELOC – No income documents required. Home equity will suffice.

No Appraisal HELOC – No inconvenient home appraisals, no income verification.

By introducing the No Appraisal HELOC, Truss Financial Group presents a groundbreaking answer for borrowers seeking adjustable financing options. Truss Financial Group remains a dependable ally for those seeking mortgage financing, even with limited income documentation.To learn more about Truss Financial Group, please visit their website.

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