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Trilogy Trust Foundation: Creating Brighter Futures for Los Angeles County


The Trilogy Trust Foundation, under the guidance of Dr. Krissy Jones, is a non-profit organization bound by the promise to help individuals and families facing economic adversities in Los Angeles County. The mission is clear: to provide assistance to citizens in the county who find themselves in the throes of difficult financial situations. 

The foundation is set apart by an approach which extends beyond providing emergency grants to prevent homelessness. A wide array of grants are intended to bolster education and entrepreneurship to help Angelinos avoid repeating the cycle of financial deficits. The Trilogy Trust Foundation operates on a self-sustaining model powered by family funds and generous donations, to ensure help is always close.

Close to Home

Trilogy Trust founder, Dr. Krissy Jones, shares a lived experience with so many growing families that have overcome life’s tests. Her connection to the cause is very personal.

Her family was at the brink of homelessness due to unexpected income changes, a depletion of funds with no immediate help in sight. This existential dread awakened an obligation to ensure other individuals and families could rest easier knowing there was a resource available in their time uncertainty. The foundation aims to provide immediate relief and long-term support to individuals and families in similar situations.

The name “Trilogy Trust” carries profound symbolism, reflecting the values and principles that Jones and team stand for. The name emphasizes the ability to draw lessons from the past, implement them in the present to enact positive change, and collectively create a brighter future for all.

A Vision of Collaboration and Generosity

The core objective of the Trilogy Trust Foundation is to provide the tools necessary for people to learn and achieve long-term economic stability. Beyond individual grants, the foundation lends a helping hand to other Los Angeles County non-profits that are also built around serving low-income families and unhoused individuals.

By growing this support network, Trilogy Trust can extend its philanthropic reach to include more individuals and families. 

Creating Tangible Benefits

The foundation offers various grants to cover an array of economic hardships including rent or mortgage arrears, bill payments, support for education, mentorship, and grants for aspiring entrepreneurs. The principal aim is to mitigate the growth of homelessness and inspire individuals to reclaim their lives with renewed optimism and strength.

The provision of grants is one of the foundation’s central tenets. These grants are calculated to confront different aspects of financial adversity, including:

  • Rent and Mortgage Grants: To avert eviction or foreclosure due to delayed rent or mortgage payments.
  • Bill Payment Grants: To cover essential expenses, like utility bills or medical expenses.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Grants: To pursue business endeavors, launching or growing enterprises.
  • Education Grants: To elevate skills and increase career prospects, by funding tuition, books, or vocational training.
  • Mentorship Grants: To develop entrepreneurial abilities, fiscal management, and personal growth.
  • Emergency Grants: To confront urgent crises and steady lives in need.

To be eligible for these grants, individuals must validate residency in Los Angeles County and show genuine financial need. 

Looking Beyond Immediate Relief

While support is disbursed directly to cover rent, mortgage, and other arrears, the Trilogy Trust Foundation is not solely focused on just emergency assistance. The ultimate goal is to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge needed for long-term success. 

The foundation is devoted to creating lasting impacts for those they assist. There are several ways that the Trilogy Trust Foundation is able to continue these long-term opportunities, including family funding, outside donations, volunteering, board participation, partnerships, and collaborations.

Supporting Fellow Organizations

The foundation’s impact extends beyond their own programs to other non-profit organizations and charities within Los Angeles County. By working collectively to improve the lives of Angelinos, the mission is to prevent homelessness and offer significant support from a grassroots level.

While the foundation primarily works directly with individuals and families, it also collaborates with non-profit organizations and charities with the same mission. Homeless shelters, housing assistance initiatives, business incubators, food banks, and community development organizations are some of the collaborators in the network.

The Trilogy Trust Foundation is building a support network to ensure that individuals and families are empowered to achieve long-term stability and brighter futures.


The Trilogy Trust Foundation, led by Dr. Krissy Jones, is tangibly transforming the lives of Los Angeles County residents with immediate relief and long-term support. The plan for creating lasting change is based on education, mentorship and entrepreneurship.

To sustain this significant impact, the Trilogy Trust Foundation relies on the generosity of donors, partners, volunteers, and advocates who share their vision of brighter, more secure futures for all in Los Angeles County.

For more information about Dr. Krissy Jones, please visit her website
For more information on Trilogy Trust Foundation, please visit their website

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