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The real estate domain has always thrived on connections, networks, and interactions among buyers, sellers, investors, brokers and agents. Off-market transactions, being an epitome of these elements, have historically been discovered through networking, personal connections or word of mouth and facilitated through informal channels. However, the traditional approach often left room for inefficiencies, lack of transparency, and in some cases, unfavorable deals. 

Enter, a platform designed to redefine off-market real estate transactions by leveraging technology to bridge gaps, encourage collaboration, and create a seamless experience.

A Platform Born of Experience

For over ten years, founder and CEO Izabela Kaufman worked diligently in the real estate industry. She started as an investor, spent time as a sales associate, and she’s both bought and sold off-market properties. And every transaction made it clear to her that the industry had a notable gap.

“ emerged from my realization of this gap in the market,” Ms. Kaufman shares. “It’s the type of resource that I wished I’d had during my entire career. Everyone needs this – buyers, investors, sellers, brokers, agents – and as I initially envisioned this platform, each phase of its development was directed towards protecting and aiding every party involved in a transaction.”

Off-Market is a marketplace and networking platform for off-market real estate that helps buyers, sellers, investors, brokers and agents make more money, save time and headaches. 

CEO & Founder Izabela Kaufman

Demand-Driven Technology

The core focus is on off-market real estate – as the name suggests – encapsulating properties that are in the process of selling, or hold the potential to sell, without ever being publicly listed on traditional platforms like the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

“ is a real estate marketplace and networking platform for off-market real estate that helps buyers, sellers, investors, brokers and agents make more money, save time and headaches” states the CEO, Izabela Ms Kaufman., at its core, emphasizes demand-driven real estate transactions. Unlike the conventional supply-focused platforms, brings forth the unique ‘Post your Search Request” also known as “In Search Of” (ISO) feature. This feature allows any user to post their specific search requests, which are then matched directly with sellers and relevant agents holding pocket listings. This demand-centric approach tailors each transaction to meet the needs of the involved parties. It’s more efficient, transparent, and results-driven.

A Suite of Networking Tools

One of the defining aspects of is its networking tools. While the platform certainly does a superior job at connecting buyers and sellers, it does more by creating an ecosystem where various real estate professionals can interact, collaborate and form potential partnerships. It includes agents, brokers, attorneys, and even potential joint venture partners or investors.

In doing so, transforms the traditional transaction model into a community-driven process, wherein every transaction benefits from a broad spectrum of expertise and opportunities for better deals.

A Collaborative Environment

By opening channels of communication among buyers, sellers, investors and brokers, creates a collaborative environment that is conducive for knowledge sharing, negotiation, and crafting deals that are mutually beneficial to all involved.

The collaborative framework of is complemented by its technological tools. The platform employs matching mechanisms for more efficient deal sourcing and transaction success. This technological reinforcement not only enhances the efficiency of transactions but also lends a level of predictability and assurance, traits often desired yet hard to come by in off-market transactions.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence

As rises in the industry, poised to become the leading platform for off-market real estate transactions, the vision of integrating AI-driven tools is a promising leap towards further sophistication. These AI-driven tools are anticipated to streamline the listing and search experience and analyze market trends. Such advancements facilitate transactions and create a positive user experience that makes real estate transactions less stressful and more rewarding.

A New Era in Real Estate

The reception of in the market has been commendable. Within just four weeks post-launch, the platform digitized over $400 million in off-market listings and search requests. This rapid adoption is a testimony to the platform’s value proposition and the inherent need for such a demand-driven, collaborative platform in the real estate market. is a movement towards a more inclusive, efficient, and rewarding real estate ecosystem. It embodies the fusion of technological innovation and human collaboration, aimed at transforming off-market transactions from a cumbersome task to a seamless, enjoyable experience.

The Future of PropTech

Property Technology (PropTech) is rapidly evolving. This sector focuses on the utilization of digital innovations and technological advancements to address and streamline various aspects of the real estate sector, encompassing solutions for buying, selling, managing, or renting properties.

And as PropTech innovations become the norm in real estate, platforms like set a high bar, showcasing the immense potential of blending technology with human-centric approaches to resolve age-old challenges in the real estate domain. The future of off-market transactions is bright for, as it leads the way towards a more collaborative, transparent, and efficient real estate transaction landscape.’s emergence encapsulates the full potential of a connected, technology-driven real estate ecosystem, where buyers, sellers, investors, brokers and agents have the tools, the network, and the opportunities to make the best out of their investments and efforts.Learn more:

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