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CLEAN AI Technologies Inc. and Virtual Reality: A New Therapeutic Approach for Mental Health


As 21st-century technology improves everything from how consumers shop to how students take the SAT, its impact is being felt in a surprising space: mental health. At CLEAN AI, a team of AI nerds has been hard at work, creating the tech to support the healing journeys of those who struggle with PTSD, anxiety, and other conditions. Their innovations, such as text-to-video immersive experiences and a soon-to-be-released library of tranquil 8D Sounds, leverage artificial intelligence and bilateral stimulation. The results, including personalized therapy and diminished physiological effects associated with the fight-or-flight response, may be game changing for patients. Below, the CEO of CLEAN AI, Nolie MacDonald, explains why 360-degree, immersive experiences are a new tool for those recovering from trauma.

“As a trauma survivor, I discovered 8D sound therapy while on my healing journey. It is very personal to me that we use AI for the good of mankind,” MacDonald says. “While each person’s transformation will be unique, we believe that 8D Sound, bilateral stimulation, and visuals can play a vital role.”

CLEAN AI has developed immersion technology that allows the user to be transported to the peaceful world of their choosing. While lying in a comfortable chair, each person is able to use the company’s text-to-video capabilities to describe their preferred scene, be it a gorgeous South Pacific beach, a starry night, or the spectacular cosmos. The 5K projection is then displayed on the walls, ceiling, and floor without need for glasses or goggles, instantly transporting the person to a tranquil realm. Patients will be able to enjoy a similar experience via the Dreamscapes Immersive app on Oculus and Vision OS.

CLEAN AI has also innovated 8D Sound to provide an intriguing therapy option. In essence, it can help the patient to calm their central nervous system by simultaneously stimulating both sides of the body or brain. This, in turn, alleviates the disruptive effects of the fight-or-flight response, which is very common among PTSD and anxiety sufferers.

“My team and I are encouraged by the potential of both 360-degree environments and 8D Sound to create restorative experiences for patients,” MacDonald says. “We are committed to going beyond their known applications so that we can make the world a better place for everyone, especially those impacted by mental health issues.”

In the winter of 2023, CLEAN AI will roll out its 8D Sound Library, which will offer multiple categories for listeners, including Rest & Relaxation, Focus, and Work/Study. The soundscapes, which range from a peaceful lagoon to the white noise of space, provide a welcome respite from the stress of school or work, ultimately fostering relaxation and balance.

“Trauma, anxiety, and PTSD are all serious mental health issues that too many individuals continue to struggle with every day,” MacDonald states. “At CLEAN AI, we envision a day when because of our technology, everyone can find tranquility and healing.”

CLEAN AI, founded by Nolie MacDonald, is innovating AI and experiential design to support trauma survivors in their journeys to healing. Its team of tech experts leverages bilateral stimulation and 5K high-resolution displays to create 360-degree immersive experiences that seamlessly transport patients to peaceful worlds.  CLEAN AI is partnering with hospitals and other healthcare facilities to bring boundary-free environments to those who need them the most, and it is also exploring their usage in the entertainment, travel & hospitality, dining, and education industries..

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