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Misty Blanco & Music Saved My Life will there be a possible reunion with Diddy?


“Music Saved My Life”, is a talk show series created by “Misty Blanco The Blaquanese Rockstar”, this talk show is about established and upcoming artist and their life experiences on how music saved their lives.

“Music Saved My Life”, is filmed in front of a live studio audience as she interviews some of the most historical and promising artist of this era. Each interview is followed up with a live performance from each artist debuting their new hit singles.

On this talk show we will meet the artist on a deeper level exploring their lives and success stories on Misty Blanco’s talk show “Music Saved My Life”.

Misty Blanco is also known as Mysterious from MTV’s Making The Band 2 with P Diddy as she was once a contestant trying to get signed to P Diddy’s record label Bad Boy Entertainment. Even though Mysterious competed through 100,000 contestants and made it to the final 12 she didn’t make the final cut to be in the band. However she did appear on Da Bands Too Hot for TV Album, and she has received her billboards plaques for being on the album.

Diddy has recently done a remarkable interview with “The Times/Times Culture”, about his life and things we may have not known about the global icon award recipient
P Diddy. Diddy expressed in this interview how if it wasn’t for music he doesn’t know where he would be and how music saved his life.

As we watch Misty Blanco and The Misty TV Firm Corporation place Misty Blanco back on center stage with her music and talk show we wonder if Misty Blanco & Diddy will reunite and speak on her new hit talk show “Music Saved My Life”.

There has been gossip of a possible reunion of Making The Band 2 with some of our favorites from the show including Mysterious aka Misty Blanco, Babs, Choppa, Dylan, Sarah, Freddy P & Ness. However it’s only been talk for quite some time now.

Misty Blanco left an imprint on our hearts during “Making The Band 2”, as Mysterious. And as years went by a lot of supporters and fans still want to see a reunion between Diddy & Mysterious as many feel they could’ve possibly made great music together. Misty Blanco has created her own genre of music since “Making The Band 2”, called “Melodic Bop” and has released countless hits such as “Music Box & Interviews With A Goat”, perhaps her and Diddy can reunite on her platform and talk show “Music Saved My Life”.

Misty Blanco has always expressed her gratefulness to Diddy for discovering her during “Making The Band 2”, and giving her a chance to become who she is today. Many fans and supporters anticipate for their reuniting, and anticipate if there could be one on her talk show “Music Saved My Life”, coming 2024! Please check out P Diddy’s interview on The Times/Times Culture.

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