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Raise Pro CEO Kyle Moffitt on Why Capital Is the Most Important Asset in Business


Kyle Moffitt, the founder and CEO of Raise Pro, remembers when the power of money really hit him. He was operating a ski lift at Snowbird in Utah, and he paused for a moment to watch as helicopters buzzed overhead. He could just make out the pilot, and he was transfixed by their freedom as they flew back and forth with ease. “I wasn’t naive. Like everyone else, I had always known that money was important on some level,” Kyle says. “However, as I watched that pilot, I realized three things. First, I wanted to learn to fly, too. Second, lessons had to be expensive. And, third, I was going to have to work very hard to get the money to do it or else I would stay on the ground.”

The roots of Raise Pro, which helps fund managers, entrepreneurs, and investors to “Raise More Capital,” lie in those early days. Kyle learned very quickly that while money might not be everything, helicopters don’t fly without it. As he graduated from working at a ski resort to marketing for other businesses and then starting his own companies, he never forgot one truth: capital of any kind, used strategically, can open doors.

“This was especially important because I saw many of my peers struggle to raise the capital they needed for their own businesses,” he recalls. “It was tough to see because they had such great ideas – they just couldn’t get them funded and off the ground.”

Kyle reveals that his own breakthrough came when he was able to raise $3M for his trucking company in only eight months. He believes that his own business idea wasn’t necessarily any better than his peers’ – he was just able to support it with his talent for marketing and public relations.

“It made me understand that exposure is vital to a company’s success. Unfortunately, many fund managers, entrepreneurs, and investors aren’t sure how to gain it,” Kyle believes. “I decided to create Raise Pro and use what I know to help customers to get the attention they need, attract more capital, and grow to the next level.”

Also central to Raise Pro’s mission is the automation of vital, but repetitive, tasks that take so much of a business owner’s time each day. Kyle and his team have created a state-of-the-art platform that automates inbound customers and investors. After all, time is money. “Every minute matters in business, and they add up. So, we are giving them back to owners, who can use them to their advantage by pursuing the projects that really matter,” says Kyle.

He says that it is gratifying to help his clients to raise the capital they need in order to move ahead with their company’s growth. While it is true that funds are only the first step, nothing can happen without them.

“In the entrepreneurial world, few things are more frustrating than having a bold vision but being unable to pursue it because of a lack of capital,” Kyle states. “At Raise Pro, we are excited to come to work each day because in the end, what we are really doing is helping some very talented people to make their dreams a reality.”

Raise Pro helps its clients to get more exposure for their funds or offers and to consistently be in front of qualified investors that are interested in what they are creating. The company also donates a portion of its proceeds to nonprofit organizations that aid victims of human trafficking.

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