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THEDifference Music Group: Two New Record Labels and Rising Artist PariahOcean


THEDifference Music Group has recently established two record labels, titled Die Tryin’ Records and Del Bloque Recordings. The emerging record labels have joined the music world to promote different genres such as Hip Hop, Rap, and Reggaeton/Latin Hip Hop music. The company provides artists with record and promotional deals, with Die Tryin’ having a hip-hop and rap focus, and Del Bloque being THEDifference’s newest label focused on Reggaeton and Latin Hip-Hop. The parent company is also announcing Die Tryin’ Records’ new deals with Vevo Music Videos for PariahOcean’s song, “UFO” on his album “No Cheat Code”, which the record is preparing major campaigns for.

Founder, Martin Urraburu, has been resilient in his approach to helping uplift and support artists who have faced troubles and discrimination in life. “I hope to provide new and rising artists an opportunity at success,” says Urraburu, “and I strongly believe in a cultural shift to allow for these chances. With THEDifference, we hope to promote and support all artists with their gifted and unique talents who are ready to show the world what they’ve got.” Martin Urraburu explains that THEDifference is that he provides artists a 90% to 10% royalty collection in their first year of distribution. 

Both Die Tryin’ and Del Bloque Recordings work in collaboration with artists, foundations like “Shoot For the Stars” and “Love Life”, as well as other groups like IHeart Radio and Vevo Music Videos. 

Die Tryin’ began in Brooklyn, New York, and the vision surrounds discovering artists within the city culture to offer a chance at success. “Our label is founded on the remembrance of the infamous rapper, Bashar Jackson, professionally known as Pop Smoke,” says Urraburu. “If anyone knows B, they know that he would do anything for anyone without anything in return, and that’s the purpose with this label. We want to give all individuals an equal chance at showcasing their talent.” 

One such artist is rising star, PariahOcean. “June 5th, 2020 was the day my life changed forever,” says PariahOcean. “Around that time, I was at the lowest point of my life. I was deep in my thoughts and worried about how my music career would turn out. Then, I came across a motivational video from “Steve Harvey” where he shared a story about the time he boarded the Apollo. He said, ‘Everybody has a turnback moment, you have a moment where you can go forward or you can give up but the thing you have to keep in mind before you give up is that if you giv/e up, the guarantee is it will never happen.’ That’s when I wrote my vision board, completely changed my mindset, and changed my name from Kevon Dynasty to PariahOcean.” 

PariahOcean signed his deal with the company and manager Martin Urraburu after realizing he didn’t want to give up on his dreams of becoming a musical artist. “I met my mentor Alex Bostic who had gotten me into rooms like the Boss Up Conference, hosted by Rick Ross,” says PariahOcean. “I also had an interview with DJ Drewski, one of the top DJ’s in the music industry. I then became a part of the Sovereign Family repping brands such as Belaire, Mcqueen, Villon, Bumbu, and Deacon. Martin and Die Tryin’ Records was really a turning point in my career, and it serves as proof to stick with it, stay in it, write down your goals, dreams and aspirations. Keep faith, stay positive and talk to God everyday.”

“Our structure is also different to other labels,” explains Urraburu. “By giving artists a 90/10 royalty split in the first year of distribution, we strive to help rising artists succeed by distributing, marketing and promoting their music through all major Music Channels like Apple Music and Spotify.”

As an emerging Record Label incorporated in 2023, Die Tryin’ Records and Martin Urraburu were privately selected for a candidacy screening with Forbes Under 30 Local Lists 2023. “Our hope is that this record label is the future for Hip-hop stars, and we hope to continue creating equality within such a diverse industry for all artists.” For more information regarding Die Tryin’ Records and Del Bloque Recordings, contact: For more information and updates about PariahOcean’s upcoming releases, visit his instagram. 

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