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EPN Fashion Week Dazzles With Top Designers and Stunning Collections


New York Fashion Week, September 2023, left audiences throughout the city inspired and eager to embrace the cutting edge of the fashion world.

EPN Fashion Week proved to be a sensational event, celebrating the diversity and talent of international designers. The fashion show was a testament to the ever-evolving nature of fashion. Elegance, innovation, and artistry converged on the runway at EPN New York Fashion Week, showcasing a spectacular day of fashion shows featuring exceptional designers.

The schedule started with a solo show at 2:00 pm, featuring designer Korto Momolu, former contestant on reality TV show Project Runway. Korto showcased her “Ink and Ivory” collection, a tribute to her father who recently passed.

The 5:00 pm show followed with a Resort-wear and Swimwear extravaganza, serenading the audience with collections from designers Judy Jenkins, Dory Bailey, Mario, and accessories by HEED NYC.

The 8:00 pm Couture segment was a mesmerizing display of innovation, style, and artistry paired with creativity and cutting-edge collections. Each designer presented a unique collection, showcasing their distinctive vision, pushing the boundaries of fashion.

The show commenced with an electrifying live performance and His Highness Prince Mario Max, joining Producer Maggie Delany on the runway, setting the tone for a night of sartorial excellence.

The first designer to take the runway was Prashant Goyal of Heritage India Fashions. Known for their impeccable craftsmanship and attention to details, they presented a collection that seamlessly blended classic elegance with avant-garde elements. The runway was adorned with exquisite fabrics, intricate embroidery, and bold silhouettes, leaving the audience in awe.

Next up was Taheed of HEED NYC, who infused accessories and playful print pieces to create a collection that was both edgy and culturally rich.

From Louisiana, designer Debra Ales of D by Designs showcased a collection that exuded sophistication and effortless chic. Their collection captured the essence of Parisian style and dazzling elegance, leaving the audience captivated.

The Debonnaire Club then took the stage, captivating everyone with their avant-garde and boundary-pushing creations. Their collection featured impeccable tailoring with unconventional materials and unexpected embellishments, challenging the traditional notions of fashion.

Quentino by Dr. Que brought vibrant energy to the runway. Their collection was a celebration of bold colors, playful signature scarves, evening gowns and innovative bespoke suits.

Lastly, designer Medina Saktaganova from Kazakhstan showcased a collection inspired by the rich cultural heritage of her country. Vibrant prints, intricate designs, and flowing silhouettes transported the audience to Kazakhstan, capturing the essence of its unique and vibrant fashion scene.

Overall, the show was a great success!  It was a celebration of international creativity and cutting-edge fashions, and a mesmerizing display of innovation, style, and artistry.Learn more:

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