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Clearview Roofing & Construction for all Long Island Roof Repair or Replacement Needs


Storm season among the East Coast is in full swing with October steadily approaching. In preparation for the unexpected weather patterns, homeowners and businesses are encouraged to be proactive in ensuring all their roofing is up to standard.

Clearview Roofing & Construction is a family-owned Long-Island roofing company that first started in 1961. For the past few decades, they have provided Long Island and Queens communities with efficient service for an affordable price. Their current locations include offices in Port Washinton, Huntington and Rockville Centre, all of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens counties. Their newest office was just opened in Babylon, NY, in order to accommodate their increasing influx of customers in need of roofing or contracting jobs.

Clearview, which operates as both a roofing and full construction company, specializes in shingle roofing, TPO and EPDM Rubber Flat roofing, slate roofing, cedar shake roofing and skylights. Along with their roofing specialties, the company also offers various construction and contracting jobs such as frame extensions, open kitchens, deck and fence builds, remodeling of interior/exterior, driveway repair and seal. These services will now be offered to residents of Babylon, where the new office will be open for business in the coming month. 

Long Island and Queens residents may still turn to Clearview for any of their construction or roofing necessities, and as the company continues to grow, their volume of insurance restoration jobs has also expanded. “We have all the mitigation equipment necessary to handle these insurance related claims, like air movers, air scrubbers and power vacuums to remove water out of basements from flooding or pipe burst events,” says Chris Feniello. “We have serviced many homeowners with their insurance claims and we feel that the south shore is in need of these services as well – this ultimately inspired our decision to open up the new location in Babylon, NY.” 

“We get most roofs done in one day. Since we have such a large workforce, we don’t have our customers waiting weeks to months on end for their project to be scheduled. When we start a job, we stay on the job until we finish, and we are paid upon completion,” says Feniello. “We encourage customers to communicate with our employees and I feel it’s important to talk to the client throughout the process, beginning to end.”

To accommodate the magnitude of clients requesting Clearview’s services, they have taken a multi office approach. This ensures efficiency and prompt response time. Clearview is big on safety and accountability. “It’s important that homeowners understand the difference between roofing category insurance and home improvement insurance that contractors carry. Roofing insurance is, on average, 10x more than just home improvement insurance for contractors.” Employees are also required to take Osha safety classes and go through ongoing training prior which is part of the  job and a top priority for Desmond and Feniello. “Our employees are also GAF certified for both shingle roofing and flat roofing.” 

Since unexpected events occur all the time, Clearview works with most major insurance companies to offer their clients the most out of their claim. Services are offered 24/7 Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday and Sunday to accommodate any emergencies that may take place. The company also offers free on-site estimates, fair pricing, and consistent communication between contractors and clients to help ease new clients into the process. As client satisfaction and employee safety are two main priorities for both Desmond and Feniello, they hope to continue offering their trustworthy services to more New York counties in the future.
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