Sunday, April 21, 2024

Go the Distance and Plan the Trip of Your Dreams


The world ground to a halt during COVID – and in many ways, we are still fighting to establish a new normal. But since the travel industry opened back up, many people are going all-out to plan the vacation of their dreams.

Why? We never anticipated the pandemic. We couldn’t have imagined the craziness of quarantine. We didn’t dream that travel would ever be so restricted. So many globe-trotters are facing the fact that it could happen again.

So while the world is open, go see it.

Plan the Ultimate Getaway – but Not Alone

Journey Connected, a global travel agency, can help. The company charges a simple fee for planning your customized travel itinerary. This includes full travel concierge support – before, during, and after your trip. Journey Connected offers in-depth personal recommendations for you as you plan your dream vacay, and the experts at Journey are on-call throughout your trip.

Need something? Journey Connected is there. Reservation requests, last-minute changes or cancellations, booking memorable activities – anything you need. You get to enjoy fully personalized travel concierge services without having to join a pricey luxury travel club.

Journey Connected Travel Tips to Get You Globe-Trotting Like a Pro

Dream Big, Start Small: Before you whip out that world map, grab a mojito and daydream a little! Where have you always wanted to go? The neon streets of Tokyo or maybe the serene beaches of Fiji? Jot down your top places, then zero in on one or two for this trip. Remember, the world isn’t going anywhere; there’s always the next vacay!

Local Vibes > Tourist Hype: Sure, major tourist spots are popular for a reason, but don’t forget to mix in some local flair! Dive into local eateries, hidden alleys, and off-beat trails. Pro tip: Chat up a local or two (maybe that barista at the corner cafe?) for the best-kept secrets of the city.

Flexibility is Your BFF: While it’s cool to have a plan, it’s even cooler to go with the flow sometimes. Flight got delayed? Perfect time to explore that nearby museum! Can’t get a table at the top-rated restaurant? That hole-in-the-wall place down the street might just serve the best meal of your trip.

Pack Smart, Not Hard: Trust me on this; you don’t want to lug around three suitcases for a two-week trip. Prioritize essentials, mix and match outfits, and remember that most places do have stores (in case you forget something). Oh, and a portable charger? Total lifesaver!

Get a Buddy in the Biz: Consider linking up with a travel agency like Journey Connected. Their Travel Artists can whip up a personalized itinerary for you, manage those pesky reservations, and basically ensure your trip is smooth sailing. Plus, having a pal on speed dial during your travels? Priceless.

How It All Works

Journey Connected offers two main services: standard travel agency services and an upgraded concierge service where our “Travel Artists” craft tailored itineraries. During your trip, they’re on-call to manage any changes, bookings, or hiccups, and handle all payments on your behalf, so you can just relax and enjoy. This hassle-free experience, accessible via a handy app, is perfect for busy professionals who love travel but lack the time or know-how.

And there you have it! Pack your bags, wear that wide-brimmed hat, and globe-trot with confidence. Bon voyage! ???️?

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