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Tylers Coffees®: A Brewing Love Affair with The World’s First Acid-Free Coffee


I like to think of myself as a caffeine enthusiast of sorts, captivated by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through a cool quiet kitchen just before sunrise. The rhythmic duck-and-cover of grinding beans, the steam and drip interplay of percolating water, and the portable sauna that warms and moistens my face as it remains slightly too hot to drink.

It’s a ritual, it’s a tool, it is comfort.

I was a late bloomer that fell hard for the simple yet complicated brew. For years after, my part time infatuation with coffee was as a tool to get through late shifts. In these early days, my consumption was moderate and I took full advantage of all the basic benefits, like a jolt of alertness and hoped the reduced risk of certain diseases would come my way also. 

Later, the tool greeted me in the morning and on my lunch dates as I began to fall in love with beans from around the world. My cup became a necessity that I attacked with zeal. The instant teleportation to the Jamaican Blue Mountains or the volcanic soil of Hawaiian Kona, a sip was second nature multiple times per day.

Little did I know, the unparalleled injection of the oily elixir would soon lead me down a path of discomfort. The love would no longer be reciprocated.

What Pleased Became Dis-ease

A bubbling in my lower abdomen and the now familiar pin pricks in my chest became something that I was no longer able to ignore. These discomforts became full-on bloating, indigestion, and what internet searches told me was acid reflux. I began to narrow down the possibilities.

It became undeniable what it was, my love affair had become toxic. As I kept digging the hallowed halls of the web, I came upon information about the relationship between coffee’s acidity and gastrointestinal distress. 

The high acid content was creating an excess production of stomach acid, which made me a textbook case, ready for any study. My coffee conundrum was solved, and my plight explained, but I needed to make sure there was not a better way than to divorce my steaming hot partner. 

The Acid-Free Solution

Random serendipity led me to Tylers Coffees®, The World’s First Acid-Free Coffee – a discovery that would redefine my coffee consumption forever. Tyler Ornstein, the co-founder of Tyler’s Coffees®, doesn’t want us to be free of coffee – just the acid.

Tyler’s proprietary Z-Roasting process was formulated by his biochemist father. By devising an all-natural and closely monitored roasting process, made perfectly consistent through computer automation, they were able to make a brew guaranteed to deliver the same satisfaction each time. 

The process results in coffee that retains the traditional taste, while being free of the acidic “bite” and distress. The mission of Tylers Coffees® is to empower coffee enthusiasts to drink responsibly, a sip without the aggravating stomach discomfort.

New Frontiers of Joy

The first sip of Tyler’s Acid-Free Coffee brought me back home. It was smooth and flavorful, but that wasn’t why I was here. I was a little surprised it was that good, BUT I waited. The stomach-churning, gut-wrenching acid volcano never erupted. 

Like any red-blooded American, I decided to take it a little too far for good measure. The cups piled up, but I never doubled over. The good ole internet agreed that low-acid coffee was “not only gentler on sensitive stomachs but also less likely to exacerbate acid reflux and other gastrointestinal issues.”

I loved the Tylers Coffees® 3rd option, the solution. I didn’t have to live with the pain, or live without a cuppa. This was the solution I had been scouring the internet for – a coffee that did my gut and taste buds right in equal measure. The looming dread was no longer a roadside hitchhiker waiting to wreck my coffee journey.

From part-time coffee enthusiast, to international connoisseur, to acid-free coffee evangelist; I began to force Tylers Coffees® on anyone with Java war stories of torment and pain. Armed with internet facts about the coffee/gut relationship and my own testimonial, I became that annoying advocate in my circle.

“One of its creators has our same story,” I would say. “But did your doctor ever mention this? Look, it literally says ‘Doctor Recommended’ on the bag,” I would continue.

A Little More Motivation

Beacon Group, an organization known for its experience in employment-related services, fulfills their purchases. Their mission positively impacts the lives of over 2,000 individuals with disabilities annually, through a comprehensive range of services that include job training, placement, center-based employment, and day treatment programs.

Beacon helps foster a life of fulfillment, achievement, contribution, and the pride of earning a paycheck. As the largest employer of people with disabilities in Southern Arizona, Beacon Group’s partnership with Tylers Coffees® highlights the power of nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

So, the pot’s almost empty over here. If you’re aggravated by Interstitial Cystitis (IC), Overactive Bladder (OAB), Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Crohn’s Disease, Colitis or just a minor case of the “bubble guts”, Tylers Coffees® is worth a try. The worst thing that can happen is you purchase a great bag of coffee that you sip on occasionally, that leads to cash in the pockets of thousands of people with disabilities. Or, you’ve actually found the acid-free solution to your coffee conundrum. 
For additional information about Tylers Coffees®, visit the company website

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