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Nuvila Electric: The Complete Electrical Resource Backed By Experienced In-House Engineers


Most electrical contractors have senior installers educated in the field and promoted to prestigious positions due to seniority. While hiring from within is a time-honored tradition, some situations require technical expertise above and beyond field work experience. Such a position is the role of electrical engineer.

The Nuvila Electric Solution

Nuvila Electric LLC, specializes in electrical services for the Hospitality, Retail, Educational, and Healthcare industries. The electrical contractor offers a range of crucial services that keep commercial clients electrified.

President and Founder, Mario R. Nunez, is an Electrical Engineering graduate from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX. This valuable insight from the top down infuses Nuvila with the core principles of designing, developing, testing, and managing electrical systems and devices. 

The Houston based, full-service electrical contractor has risen in acclaim due to its comprehensive service solution, supported by an engineering team that handles design, estimation, and project management in-house. This addition allows the company to optimize installations, identify inefficiencies, and deliver high-quality results without incurring additional costs or wasting needed time.

Why Have an Electric Engineer on Staff?

Electrical engineers provide many advantages to the electrical services field, safeguarding various aspects of the profession with their learned abilities. Their polished electrical expertise ranges from fundamental principles to ultramodern emerging technologies. Nuvila Electric engineers support electrical contractors with the planning, implementation, and maintenance of intricate electrical systems with a secure and efficient approach.

Their engineering team’s familiarity with current safety codes and industry regulations safeguards electrical contractors against heavy penalties and expensive fines. By observing existing codes, engineers protect their workforce and uphold public safety. Their input is invaluable to Nuvila’s operations, clientele trust, and overall success.

Engineers At Work

Nuvila Electric’s incorporation of in-house engineers yields tangible benefits in work quality, risk mitigation, and resource optimization. There are various everyday scenarios where they directly enhance project effectiveness, including:

  • Designing secure, efficient electrical systems tailored to client specifications.
  • Troubleshooting complicated electrical issues and crafting solutions that are safe and economically sustainable.
  • Ensuring the latest codes and regulations are adhered to for installation performance and safety.
  • Overseeing the entire project to guarantee timely completion and compliance to budget constraints.

Proactive problem-solving is especially valued in the electrical engineering space, where complex issues can be expertly appraised more swiftly due to rigorous training and analytical thinking. Project management is another significant strength, comprising project budgets, timeline schedules, and contractor supervision and collaboration. The ability for Nuvila to have this in-house oversight allows for maximum project efficiency.

Nuvila Project Services

The Nuvila team consists of 4 Engineers, 2 Master Electricians, 5 Journeyman Electricians, and about 30 Apprentice Electricians, making up a diverse and vastly skilled workforce.

Construction trends have a significant impact on workforce distribution and project management. Nuvila Electric is a trusted partner, offering professional support to guarantee commercial structures are completed and remain perpetually functional. The services they offer include:

  • Commercial Generator Services: These services ensure businesses have uninterrupted power, making grid outages a problem of the past.
  • Commercial Electrical Services: These services cover lighting installations, electrical system design, and a wide spectrum of electrical needs for expanding enterprises.
  • Industrial Electrical Services: These services involve complex electrical systems, machinery maintenance, and cutting-edge technical installations to keep the industrial sector running smoothly.

The electrical engineering field is experiencing energetic growth, driven by increased industry demand by automotives, telecommunications, robotics, renewable resources, and modern construction. Nuvila Electric LLC stands as a vanguard in the field with a wealth of in-house resources designed to make commercial projects hassle-free.

“At Nuvila Electric, we focus on quality and safety; we don’t want to be the biggest, but we sure want to be the best out there,” affirms Mario R. Nunez, Nuvila Electric PresidentFor more information about Nuvila Electric, visit their website or connect on Instagram

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