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Bird House Publishing: New “Emote & Cope Super Cards” Game For Young Audiences Out Now


Bird House Publishing has just announced their release of a new game called Emote & Cope Super Cards. This new release will bring an exciting new option for kids to further develop their social-emotional skills by learning about expressing emotions as well as working through them.

Bird House Publishing is a dynamic and innovative publishing company that specializes in uplifting diverse voices and telling the unique stories of authors from all walks of life.  Founder, Jai “Bird” Collier, started Bird House Publishing back in 2017. With the intention of growing as a publishing company unlike any other, Bird House specializes in the promotion of all kinds of stories from a myriad of different authors. 

“At Bird House, we’re committed to fostering both established and emerging authors, and we deliver exceptional literary works to a diverse sphere of readers,” says Collier. “With a focus on quality and creativity, it’s a literary haven where words take flight and stories find their home.” Now, Bird House Publishing is announcing the introduction of their Emote & Cope Super Cards, a special card game meant to promote social-emotional learning in young minds. 

The Emote & Cope Super Cards are multifaceted, offering a playful way to foster self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills that are essential for success in various aspects later in life. The game itself has three versatile play modes, and kids as young as four can take the lead during gameplay with family members or other friends and classmates. The game fosters confidence for kids of all personality types – the card game offers something for every kid, catering to the individual needs of many. 

“Our hope is that this game will serve as an invaluable addition to homes, classrooms, special needs, and grief/counseling programs,” says Collier. “It offers much more than just entertainment and I think it’ll be a really important addition to many households.” 

Those who wish to support Bird House Publishing and their new game can donate at reward tier 3 to be invited to their life platform for insightful discussions on family, coping, and fun. The card game serves a plethora of purposes in diverse households and establishments, and Bird House’s aim is to “empower the next generation with strong social-emotional skills, equipping them to navigate life’s challenges while embracing the joy of learning.”

Founder Jai Collier is both a CEO and author who ardently advocates for the need for diversity amongst the literature world. One such way she encourages this is through the books and enriching activities offered for children. “I think that we certainly need more books that serve as mirrors for children,” she says. “There are many kids who feel lost or alone in their feelings and experiences, but books and games allow them to feel represented in an authentic way. We need to start promoting more of this, enforcing the publishing of more books and activities that children can relate to and grow from.”

As a publishing company, Bird House Publishing hopes to continue expanding their products and uplifting the voices of diverse authors who have unique stories to share. Their new Emote & Cope Super Cards will be the first game ever released by Bird House, and they hope to continue growing to offer a wider selection of books and games of this nature in the future. 
“So many important social and emotional skills have to be fostered at an early age,” says Collier. “This game is meant to give children the confidence to speak their minds, share their feelings, and participate in fun and enriching activities that help regulate certain emotional highs and lows.” Collier is excited to witness the impact this game will have on families with young kids and hopes to positively influence the development of these young and growing minds. For more information regarding Bird House Publishing and their upcoming releases, visit their website.

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