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Transforming the World of Livestock: Visionary Travis Hills’ Pioneering Endeavor


In the realm of eco-friendly farming, the name Livestock Water and Energy is quickly gaining respect. Livestock Water and Energy tackles a significant challenge faced by livestock keepers: addressing greenhouse gas emissions, manure management, pungent smells, and water preservation.

Enter Livestock Water and Energy, the trailblazing venture of Travis Hills, which introduces a pioneering closed-loop system to this space. This isn’t merely a problem-solving approach; it’s multifaceted in its benefits. Through on-the-spot cleaning of manure wastewater, the innovative technology desalinizes, generates premium dry fertilizer, accrues verifiable carbon credits, and cycles water that surpasses typical potable standards. Remarkably, 70-90% of the water utilized in livestock care can be reclaimed using their model.

“Manure, unexpectedly, is a goldmine of potential,” muses Hills, whose career can be explored at “Our strategy goes beyond mere waste treatment. We’re reshaping value – pure water, tangible carbon credits, salt-free fertilizer, and fresh income avenues for Farmers.”

So, what’s the grand strategy? Within the coming half-decade, Livestock Water and Energy aspires to operationalize over 1,000 facilities. “Our ambition isn’t confined to just establishing a company. Our gaze is set on revolutionizing both livestock operations and manure management paradigms, forever altering barn designs and waste practices,” Hills emphatically states.

With his approach to transform manure into premium dry fertilizer, Hills curtails greenhouse gas emissions, which possess a global warming impact 25-fold greater than carbon dioxide over a century. Beyond ecological gains, the production of genuine carbon credits presents a financial allure, positioning farmers to capitalize on carbon exchange markets.

The desalinization of wastewater is another commendable leap. Salt accumulation in soil can obstruct plant development, rendering this aspect invaluable for farmers transitioning lands post-livestock cultivation.

Moreover, Livestock Water and Energy’s premium sponsorship at the North American Manure Expo underscores its escalating prominence. Such forums are crucial conduits for disseminating knowledge and cultivating connections, amplifying Hills’s sustainable and economically sound livestock agriculture vision.

For Hills, entrepreneurial pursuits transcend mere business creation. He believes in a philosophy: “Embrace the responsibility to build an exceptional life. Don’t merely endure life; architect it.”

As transformations sweep the livestock industry, visionaries like Travis Hills are advocating for eco-friendly approaches that also amplify farmers’ profitability. With such leaders guiding the way, the prospects seem promising for the sector and our global environment.

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