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World-Renowned Supermodel, Farah Zulaikha, Announces New Headquarters in NYC


Farah Zulaikha, renowned supermodel and female CEO, is expanding her company’s reach with the opening of the brand’s new headquarters in the NYC metropolitan area and the release of product expansions. Zulaikha kicked off the start of her brand with the release of her perfume scent, FARAH. The fragrance has since been featured in shops such as New York’s “Scentfluence,” as well as on their newly launched website. Now, the model hopes to continue expansion with new products and a physical headquarters for customers to experience the perfume in person. 

Farah Zulaikha, Female CEO of “Farah Fragrances” 

As she began her career within the fashion industry, Zulaikha quickly gained traction as an accomplished model after appearing on Tyra Banks’s “The Tyra Show”. From there, she delved more into her passion for civic duty and global awareness, joining her family on charity missions aimed at aiding with global issues such as poverty, hunger, access to medical care and human rights violations. 

While working within the realm of social justice, Zulaikha became a recipient of numerous accolades such as The United Nations Distinguished International Humanitarian Leadership Award for her work in anti-abuse and anti-human trafficking. Now, she continues to use her background and passion for beauty and style to help others in need. With a college background in biochemistry, she first created a range of all-natural lip balms inspired by domestic violence survivors who were unable to use conventional products due to facial trauma. Now, she has taken on her next role as a “perfumista”, with her signature scent now part of the catalog of International Flavors and Fragrances, a multi-billion grossing fragrance house. 

“The idea began when I discovered a new way to empower, educate and give back to young women and girls who desire to awaken their sense of confidence,” says Zulaikha. “This fragrance contains notes of Tiare flower, gardenia, patchouli heart, purple plum, tonka bean, liquid amber and sandalwood to unlock a feeling of self-reliance and inner strength. My hope is that it encourages those who use it to hold their head higher and stand taller in the face of everyday trials.” 

With an emphasis on sustainability and awareness, Zulaikha worked to ensure that her exclusive scent formulas are clean, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance free, vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free and petroleum free. It’s meant to minimize skin irritants and includes no unnecessary additives, making it better for both the planet and customers. The fragrance was developed in coordination with industry regulatory organizations such as IFRA and RIFM, resulting in responsibly sourced ingredients. 

“Farah” fragrance also aims to give back by consistently partnering with charitable causes, donating proceeds towards those affected by human trafficking, victims of natural disasters and global hunger. “I’m so grateful for the trajectory that my business is on,” she says. “I’ve had the pleasure of hitting milestones such as selling out during my launch at Manhattan’s famed department store, Lord & Taylor. Above that, I first felt true success when a customer wrote to me sharing that she overcame domestic violence and that my fragrance was the shield she wore like armor every day. She shared that it made her feel strong and empowered, and she wore it every day even when she didn’t feel beautiful. I was truly moved by her story, and to me, it served as evidence that something I created actually impacted someone in a genuine, positive way.” 

Through the course of her career, Farah Zulaikha made it her goal to give back to the world and have a lasting positive effect on those that have experienced hardships. She is now being recognized for her brand’s mission, and Farah fragrance currently has a billboard in Times Square promoting the scent. Fans and customers are invited to take a peek inside the new Farah Headquarters, and are encouraged to check out product expansions such as the “Farah” eau de parfum hand sanitizers, ambient room diffusers and candles. For those looking to shop “Farah” products, stay updated on new launches through Farah Zulaikha’s instagram and website

“Farah” fragrance was founded by Farah Zulaikha, a supermodel, United Nations Ambassador, humanitarian, musician, and female CEO. Zulaikha began her career as a model, later going on to serve as an advocate for global awareness and gender equality. She currently serves as a permanent UN Ambassador for the first and oldest women’s rights organization in the USA, the National Council of Women of the United States. She is currently based out of NYC, New York, working as the CEO for her fragrance brand and other products. To learn more about Farah Zulaikha and her company, visit her website at

Farah Zulaikha, “Farah” Fragrance 

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