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Oscar Hedaya’s Space Safe and the Future of Everyday Tech


Anyone looking to keep their valuables safe – whether it’s cash, jewelry, or weapons – has looked into buying a safe. People crave security. Safes are more than just repositories for treasured possessions; in the modern landscape of heightened security awareness, safes are now commonplace not just in residences but also in business establishments, hotels, and offices – even if they’re inexpensive safes, everyone understands the importance of securing their valuables in one.

But until recently, the traditional safe design has remained untouched for decades. Oscar Hedaya set about to change that. “With technology breaking ground across all types of industries, why not security?” he posits. “I’m a disruptor. Always have been. I considered the idea of the basic safe and knew it was time to shake things up. They may not realize it now, but let’s give people what they want, and once they see it, they’ll know they couldn’t live without it.”

If one were to boil down Oscar Hedaya’s ethos to its very essence, it would be this: the relentless pursuit of innovation in industries that have grown complacent. His journey with The Space Safe was just the starting point. It was a clear statement of intent, and the beginning of his pathway to revolutionize sectors that many had written off as ‘complete’.

A recent study from the Tech Innovators Journal highlighted that nearly 68% of industries face some form of stagnancy in product development, mostly because they operate under the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra or simply put, people don’t have a visual imagination for improvement. Hedaya’s mission seems to be countering this very mindset. He dares to question the status quo, and has positioned himself at the vanguard of modern tech disruption.

“Stagnancy is an opportunity,” he says. “Since the advent of The Space Safe, I’ve started identifying other industries that are ripe for innovation. The safe industry was the tip of the iceberg. There’s a huge array of sectors that have remained virtually unchanged for decades. We have the tech to upgrade these devices, and the time is now.”

He points toward a 2020 report from the Global Innovation Index, which found that industries like home utilities and office equipment witnessed a mere 2% innovation growth over the past two decades. It’s within these statistics that Hedaya sees untapped potential. And he’s not alone in this quest. Approximately 73% of tech investors, as per a TechCrunch report, are actively seeking startups that target these ‘stagnant’ sectors, believing them to be the next big thing.

Hedaya has been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade, and while The Space Safe has undoubtedly kept Hedaya on the map, his sights are set far beyond. The roadmap for the next five years promises an array of uniquely developed tech products for both individuals and businesses, not limited solely to security. Hedaya’s vision? To target products or industries that have remained static and infuse them with a fresh, contemporary, and, in his own words, “sexy” appeal.

A sneak peek into his company’s pipeline reveals innovations that could once again challenge the norms. From smart kitchenware that understands dietary needs to office equipment that can adapt to the post-COVID hybrid work culture, the horizon looks promising. According to internal forecasts, Hedaya’s company anticipates a product release spree starting 2024, targeting a global clientele and ensuring they remain at the forefront of tech disruption.

In Hedaya’s journey, the products, as innovative as they are, represent just one facet of his success. The underlying foundation rests upon a robust set of values that have guided him through the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship. As Hedaya puts it, “Having an idea is great, but if you don’t act on it, the idea is worthless.”

He’s a firm advocate for going all-in if you believe in something, emphasizing the need for comprehensive research to validate its feasibility. His sentiment echoes a Harvard Business Review finding where 78% of successful startups attributed their success to meticulous groundwork and unwavering commitment to their ideas.

But what truly stands out in Hedaya’s philosophy is the importance he places on reputation. “Money comes, and money goes, and your name is the only thing you have in life, so don’t spoil it,” he opines, emphasizing the need to offer impeccable products and robust customer support. It’s a sentiment that resonates in today’s hyper-connected world, where a company’s reputation is its most invaluable asset. Recent statistics from the Reputation Institute reveal that businesses with strong reputations experience 2.5 times better stock performance compared to the overall market.

As we stand at the crossroads of technological evolution, Oscar Hedaya emerges as a beacon for modern-day disruptors. Through his ventures, past, present, and future, he embodies the spirit of innovation, daring to reimagine the ordinary. But perhaps what sets him apart is his holistic approach, recognizing that true disruption is a blend of groundbreaking products, a rock-solid reputation, and unwavering customer-centricity.

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