Thursday, June 13, 2024

Landdai Introduces Generative AI Apps for Mass-Creating Instructional and Up-Skilling Materials


ALPHARETTA, GA –With the launch of its three generative AI apps, Landdai is working to change how content developers, instructional designers, and curriculum developers create materials for HR and L&D departments. The company, which was founded by organizational development consultant Josh Irmler, has developed a Slide Deck Presentation Generator, Training Program Creator, and Landdai GPT that generate customized onboarding sessions, organizational training materials, and presentation decks.

“Generative AI has turned the page on how talent is on-boarded and up-skilled,” says Irmler. “Landdai is leveraging it so that clients can quickly create employee development resources by inputting a short prompt on our platform. Artificial intelligence then generates the materials at scale, which users can personalize and present.”

To create its apps, the company first collated a large amount of HR data and collaborated with HR leaders, L&D experts, and instructional designers to train Landdai to create and deliver content. Landdai’s engineers then developed the three apps, with the goal of making it simpler for companies to on-board and train employees.

Landdai’s tech includes a Slide Deck Presentation Generator, which creates a complete presentation after a user chooses a template and inputs their prompt; the Training Program Creator, which generates an entire session or program script after a user selects an L&D template and types in a prompt; and its HR Trainer Bot, which allows an HR professional to receive on-demand, customized content. 

It also has a fourth app in the works that will create entire training courses, complete with assessments, immersive content, interactive up-skilling exercises, quizzes, and evaluations.  Landdai Courses is scheduled to be released in September. 

“With the release of our app stack, we are working hard to help more companies to engage with their employees, on-board them, and develop their professional abilities,” says Irmler. “We hope that generative AI leads to time saved and materials that are more effective and easier to produce.”

Landdai, a B2B AI SaaS in the corporate learning and development space, was founded by Josh Irmler, an organizational development consultant. Landdai uses generative AI to help training coordinators, elearning developers, development directors, and instructional designers to create materials for on-boarding and training. Through AI, Landdai is on a mission to help ten million professionals accelerate their career and become more holistically successful.

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