Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Yhorlife Announces New Products and Shares Information Regarding “Build Yhorlife Coaching” Program


Yhorlife is a unique collection of wellness support resources that has recently announced the release of their newest skincare products. Founder, Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez, has shared details about the new releases, as well as the other offered skincare, hair care, wellness products and lifestyle coaching program. The new products include two face serums called the Mahib Te and Mahib Mer. Yhorlife provides different products and content to support both professional success and personal wellness, and with the new facial serums and expanding coaching program, Gutierrez hopes to attract clients who have been on the market for a fresh new wellness shop. 

As an online shop, Yhorlife is a wellness collective that offers a multitude of different resources and sold products for those who wish to increase positivity and mental/physical wellbeing. Nutrition support, recipes, fashion, beauty and sold products are all offered via the online website, as well as access to the “Build Yhorlife Coaching” program. Founder and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez, continues to leverage her experience as a former world-cup fencer and businesswoman in order to inspire others to take action and seek healthier habits. 

Yhorlife offers many different products aimed at supporting different aspects of physical wellbeing. These include face serums, soaps, hair oil, beard oil, beard balm, multipurpose balms, masks, eyelash serums, 3-in-one eyebrow pencils and lip crayons. Their beauty and lifestyle products attract a wide range of customers, both men and women, from all walks of life. Their website even offers several different artisanal skincare products, some of which target eczema and rosacea. Now, the company has announced the release of their newest face serums, the Mahib Te and Mahib Mer. 

Along with her brother and Business Management expert, Demetrius Gutierrez, the two worked towards cultivating an effective and impactful coaching program meant to promote mind-body wellness. Yhorlife aims to support the unique needs of an increasingly diverse population by providing widely accessible, customizable tools meant to improve wellness, strengthen a sense of community, and spread lasting positivity. 

“As a former World Cup athlete and Fortune 100 executive, I have a pretty experienced understanding of the foundational elements of building an optimistic mindset and healthy body,” says Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez. “I believe that connected mind-body wellness supports a thriving life, and I set out to develop a multi-functional online platform designed to inspire all aspects of healthy living – mind, body and spirit. I hope that the Build Yhorlife Coaching program offers people from all walks of life a way to improve their own mindset and mental or physical health.” 

The coaching program offers a new and personalized approach to mind-body wellness, targeted at any customer no matter their budget or background. Starting out as a resource for self-improvement, the coaching program has expanded into a versatile resource filled with tools for improved wellness and enhanced positivity. “We hope to bring together a community of individuals seeking to curate an uplifting lifestyle,” says Gutierrez. “We share inspiring stories from conscious, community-focused innovators and brands who seek to do well by improving themselves in the realms of fashion, film, beauty, business and more. Visitors can also access nutrition and mind-body wellness insights and shop Yhorlife’s artisan and vegan Wellness Collection, which include fashion brands and home decor.” 

Gutierrez shares that her goal with their online platform is to act as a one-stop shop where individuals can learn about wellness and nutrition while also shopping for products to promote both physical and mental wellbeing. The Gutierrez siblings hope that, in the coming years, their coaching program will continue to inspire people around the globe and expand to include new insights that can’t be found elsewhere. “Our products not only promote wellness, but they inspire confidence. As a global platform, we hope to continue inspiring both men and women across the world with our artisanal, oud, gemstone and vegan Wellness Collection.” The Yhorlife website includes the Build Yhorlife Coaching program, subscription community, and their Wellness Collection products. There, customers can shop unique products and the new Mahib Te and Mahib Mer face serums. For those interested in checking out the Yhorlife coaching program or stay updated on new product drops, visit the Yhorlife website.

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