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Uniquely Beautiful At Any Age: Dr. Scottsdale® and Natural Results Plastic Surgery


Is beauty only for the young? Who gets to define what “beautiful” actually means, anyway? “These are excellent questions that most of us wrestle with, especially as we age,” says Dr. Carlos Mata, aka Dr. Scottsdale®, a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who founded Natural Results Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ. “Over the past 18 years of my career in plastic surgery, I have learned the answers come down to one truth: everyone, no matter how old they are, is uniquely beautiful. It is my privilege to help my patients understand this, take pride in their appearance, and realize their full potential.”

The story of Dr. Mata and his transformation of America’s cosmetic surgery industry is one of talent, vision, and empathy. The creator of such innovative procedures as The Scottsdale Skinny®, The Gladiator®, and Magic Shot®, Dr. Mata knew early in his academic career that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of other people through medical procedures.

“When I got into high school and early college, I had a keen interest in medicine, and I envisioned becoming a doctor,” Dr. Mata recalls. “It was just a question of which speciality I would choose. I ultimately decided on plastic surgery because I wanted to use my skills to increase the confidence and self-acceptance of my patients by helping them to achieve their beauty goals.”

Dr. Mata studied hard in medical school and was selected from ultra-competitive applicant pools to train at the University of Texas Medical Branch, St. Joseph Medical Center, and the nationally acclaimed MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. After completing additional training in Harvard’s plastic surgery program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, he received additional instruction in aesthetic surgery in Miami, Florida and Bogota, Colombia. 

Founding Natural Results Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mata says, was a dream come true. “I believed very deeply in the right of every person to look and feel their best,” he remembers. “I also had a strong desire to bring change to the industry by making procedures more customized to the individual goals of patients, focusing on their inherent dignity, and minimizing recovery times. Opening my own office allowed me to accomplish everything I envisioned and more.”

Dr. Mata has performed over 20,000 surgical procedures, including eyelid and nose surgeries, breast reductions, mommy makeovers, and liposuction as well as nonsurgical treatments, such as the tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. However, he is sought out for three in particular: The Scottsdale Skinny®, The Gladiator®, and Magic Shot®.

“I help a lot of women achieve their dream bodies with The Scottsdale Skinny®, a comprehensive body contouring makeover that incorporates VASER® liposuction 360, a Safer Brazilian Butt Lift, abdominal contouring, and Magic Tight®,” Dr. Mata explains. “The aim is for them to feel more confident about their appearance, so I work hard to understand their goals and reach them.”

His male patients typically request The Gladiator®, which leverages 360 liposuction, gynecomastia (removal of male breast tissue), abdominal etching, and a Safer Brazilian Butt Lift to provide a fully customizable makeover. Dr. Mata also performs a penis filler, or Magic Shot®, which utilizes an FDA-approved injectable filler to add girth/width and improve overall size to the penis. 

Dr. Mata’s commitment to innovation and patient privacy have resulted in numerous awards. The Consumers Research Council of America named him one of “America’s Top Surgeons” between 2014-2018. Since 2018, he has been recognized as “Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor,” and in 2016-2017, he received the Hall of Fame RealSelf Award. He also has been voted for two years in a row Top Plastic Surgeon in Newsweek magazine. 

“Attitudes about beauty and plastic surgery are evolving, and more people are recognizing that they have the right to feel good about their appearance,” Dr. Mata believes. “I am really very blessed to be able to help my patients enjoy who they see in the mirror and to take that confidence into all aspects of their lives.”

Dr. Carlos Mata, aka Dr. Scottsdale®, is a top-rated plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ and the creator of The Scottsdale Skinny®, The Gladiator®, and Magic Shot®. At Natural Results Plastic Surgery, he helps his patients achieve their own kind of beautiful through a wide variety of procedures, including brow lifts, facelifts, liposuction, and more. For more information, please visit  Dr. Scottsdale® or Natural Results Plastic Surgery.

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