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Small-Town Values Combined with a Global Reach: 1st Merchants of Texas Reinvents FBA Stores


For years, savvy investors have been diversifying their portfolios by generating passive income. It is easy to see the appeal. A person invests in stocks, for example, and as they go on with their life, their money theoretically grows. With the Internet age and explosion in e-commerce, the spotlight is now on e-commerce as a possible source of passive income. Companies like Amazon allow individuals to set up third-party FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) stores and use its infrastructure to ship their orders to clients around the world. In theory, it’s relatively simple, as Amazon takes care of inventory management, order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. In practice, however, it’s more complex, as most investors already have jobs, and there is no shortage of people who offer to manage their FBA stores. The team at 1st Merchants of Texas (1st MOTX), an expert in FBA management and marketing, has one suggestion: go with the company that lays out the selling process simply, realistically, and clearly.

1st MOTX, created by Navy veteran Undreese Gulley, is the story of people who are passionate about empowering their clients through FBA stores, passive income, and a transparent sales process. Embedded in the company’s DNA is a commitment to revolutionizing how vendors and consumers work together by making the relationship collaborative, not adversarial. That means that double-talk and agendas are out. Direct answers and mutual goals are in.

This unique approach to sales and customer interactions has its roots in Undreese’s childhood, when he was taught to be clear in conversations with other people and to expect the same courtesy in return. Being in the military only reinforced his values, yet when he got into sales, he quickly saw what consumers already knew: the sales process was broken. Without enough accountability, trust between customers and vendors was virtually nonexistent.

After building experience with First Cornerstone Group, DirectBuy, and other sales companies, Undreese decided to enter e-commerce. He was drawn by two factors: FBA stores could, over the long term, potentially generate passive income, and there were no barriers to entry. Anyone, regardless of their background, could get started and have their own online store.

There was just one problem: the market was already saturated with hundreds of companies all seemingly providing the exact same services. How could 1st MOTX differentiate itself from its competitors and democratize the Amazon selling space?

The answer was right in front of the 1st MOTX team. They would be the first company to clearly explain the FBA selling process. Each client would know everything that a team member knew and would have a realistic vision of what to expect as an owner of an online store, including any potential passive income in the short- and long-term. 

With this foundation established, 1st MOTX got to work, creating the infrastructure of their popular program, such as onboarding; designing, building, maintaining, and growing Amazon businesses; generating earnings reports; leveraging automation tools to elevate sellers’ stores on Amazon; and, above all, educating clients. 

The result is 1st MOTX, whose e-commerce experts help sellers to scale their FBA stores, streamline their sales, and enter new markets. While 1st MOTX and e-commerce are booming, the team cautions that any seller should enter online order fulfillment with a long-term mindset and sweat equity, as even in the strongest economies, there are no overnight success stories.

With this emphasis on honesty as well as expertise, 1st MOTX is redefining the Amazon FBA landscape. They are helping more people to successfully enter the world of online selling, make real changes in their lives, and build their e-commerce stores as a team. In the process, 1st MOTX is doing the impossible: reestablishing trust and faith in the sales process.

1st Merchants of Texas (1st MOTX) builds, operates, and scales Amazon FBA stores from the ground up. It delivers account service excellence by treating its clients as partners. 1st Merchants of Texas exists for one reason: to help take Amazon businesses to the next level. For more information, please visit

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