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What’s Behind the Improvements in Air Travel? Myairrights Provides the Answer


Airlines have long struggled to efficiently transport the millions of tourists, business people, and frequent fliers who travel each day. Over 100,000 daily flights equates to plenty of chances for delays, cancellations, and lost or damaged luggage. While the airlines themselves are not necessarily improving, two significant factors are: the rights of passengers and the claims process. What is driving these advancements in air travel? Ahmed Fathy, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Myairrights, explains why fliers are finding it easier to take control of their journeys no matter where they are in the world.

“First, there is a common desire to take the burden of in-transit issues and claims off the shoulders of travelers and make air travel work for them,” says Fathy. “It was the biggest reason Myairrights was started – too many people were tied up for weeks, if not longer, trying to work out where their luggage was and to get compensation for flight delays. Their frustration was very real, so we decided to step in. While we couldn’t make flights run on time, we could provide our Flight Assistance Package and Compensation Claims Service. In doing so, we could give air travelers 24/7 support, monitor flights, and handle claims for flight and luggage issues on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. That’s the first shift that the industry is witnessing.”

The second change involves countries passing more regulations that increasingly protect the rights of passengers. The Montreal Convention for International Carriage by Air has been an industry standard since 1999. The European Union passed EC 261/2004 five years later, and Saudi Arabia drafted the Customer Protection Rights Regulation in 2022. Recently, Egypt followed suit with its new Egyptian Civil Aviation Regulation No. 601 (ECAR 601), which enhances protections for passengers by safeguarding their rights, including compensation for flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding, and mishandled baggage.

“Regulations like these ultimately mean that when something goes wrong, travelers have a legal framework to leverage as they pursue claims,” says Fathy. “At Myairrights, we celebrated these regulations and made them part of our coverage so that our own services would be stronger.”

The biggest factor, however, has been technology, which is bringing customer service and regulations together in a more streamlined, targeted way. With the emergence of artificial learning, data analytics, and machine learning, companies like Myairrights are able to directly connect with a stranded traveler in Egypt, the United States, or elsewhere and assist them around the clock. It is ultimately about using AI to do what outdated airline systems cannot: efficiently serve the increasing number of people who fly around the world.

“It is amazing how today’s technology is empowering our teams in Atlanta, Georgia, and Cairo, Egypt, to help travelers and resolve their claims,” Fathy says. “We can’t stop an airline from losing a bag, unfortunately, but we can make it faster and easier for that passenger to get compensation. That’s a real win.”

With the claims process streamlined, Myairrights has turned its attention to delay issues and lost luggage. The company is innovating solutions using artificial intelligence, including a smart-delay solution that will offer real-time updates, alternative flight options, and personalized assistance. The subscription will include complimentary access to exclusive airport lounges. Myairrights is also developing a rechargeable luggage tracker that will allow passengers to monitor the whereabouts of their bags throughout their journeys.

“The airline industry has been ripe for change for many years. The implementation of AI as well as the focus on passenger rights means we are now seeing the improvements many of us have wanted,” says Fathy. “At Myairrights, we will continue to utilize tomorrow’s technology to accomplish our vision: passengers who are able to fly smoothly from start to finish.”

Myairrights was founded by Mohammed Fathy and Ahmed Fathy and is dedicated to empowering passengers and safeguarding their rights in the face of airline misconduct and flight disruptions. Its international team members, who are located in Atlanta, Georgia, and in Cairo, Egypt, collectively have over 40 years of expertise in air transport, law, and customer service. For assistance with claiming what you deserve due to flight delays, overbookings, lost or delayed luggage, and other issues, please visit or contact:

Ahmed Fathy, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman 

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