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Watch as a Buffed Actor Named Horse ‘ El Caballo ‘ Wren Makes Playing a Pimp in the Movie “Full Time Pimpin” Look Sexy on Prime Video!


An actor named Horse ‘ El Caballo ‘ is pretty much always in great shape, but the body he sculpts in training depends on the character he’s getting ready to play.

The actor was fresh off his role as Tremaine in “Kate’s House” when he started gearing up to play Troy “The Irresistible”  in “Full Time Pimpin.” Both are very outstanding roles, but they’re also very different. One is a  record label owner, the other a pimp. Plus, Troy “The Irresistible” was Horse’s first time playing a bad guy, so he had to do what has not been done before. Playing a well-built in shape pimp.

Hitting the gym 5 days a week is how Horse’s physique matched the sex symbol role of Troy.

You’re probably thinking “where have i seen him before?”

Horse is from the cast of Appletv+ Hit movie, Kate’s House which has received multiple 5 out of 5 star ratings across the board. This movie is a perfect binge worthy film. One of the scenes that caught our eye was a character named Tremaine played by an “On The Rise” actor named Horse ‘ El Caballo.’ Wren.

From watching the trailer and seeing the emotional delivery of alpha male intensity from Horse. We knew this was a movie to tune in for more. Filmed throughout Atlanta,Georgia and with a wonderful storyline to follow. Playing the role of Tremaine, a record label owner, Horse brought a 100% boss mode to the movie. In each scene he was strictly about business and the successful rollout of his company’s 2ambitious.com movie soundtrack. Which in reality is an actual brand placement for his music celebrities star studded docuseries and soundtrack.

The movie Kate’s House is a break from the normality of cinema.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing actor Horse deliver in more movies in the future.

Directed by Shaquilla Nicole Smith

IMDB Rating 9.2

Drama, Mystery & Thriller

1h 48 min

When Kate learns that her husband is having multiple affairs with other women, her husband conspires with her therapist to put her into an induced coma.

Currently you are able to watch “Kate’s House” streaming on Prime Video. It is also possible to rent or buy the movie “Kate’s House” on Amazon Video online

To contact Horse ‘ El Caballo ‘ Wren for auditions, paid castings and paid bookings:


The i GROUP Model and Talent Management (celebrity division)

29540 Southfield Rd Suite 200

Southfield, Michigan 48076

248 552 8842

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