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Best-Selling Author Ruth Klein Launches Ghostwriting and Publishing Division for Executives Who Want to Publish a Book


LOS ANGELES, CA–Brand Visibility Strategist and Master Book Coach Ruth Klein is offering a new suite of services: ghostwriting and publishing. Klein, called a “marketing maven” by the Wall Street Journal, is the published author of 7 books. She is leveraging her industry experience to create the new division, whose focus will be on increasing the visibility of CEOs’ and executive clients’ brands by ghostwriting and launching their books.

For over 30 years, Klein has been helping executives, coaches, business owners, sales professionals, and company founders to create surround-sound brands and convert their expertise and content into high-ticket programs. Klein, who holds two Master’s degrees in psychology, is the author of Generation Why Not; The De-Stress Diva; Where Did The Time Go; and Winning Secrets to a Successful – and Profitable – Career, among others.

Klein is using her knowledge of guiding a book from conception to publication to expand her company’s services, which include speech writing, business development, marketing, and branding.

“This is a very exciting time for us and our clients,” Klein says. “We have seen that many people are interested in positioning themselves as thought leaders in their industries, and they know that publishing a book is an excellent strategy. However, they typically run into the same barriers: they don’t have the time to put their thoughts into a book format, and they are unsure of how to even get started. We are happy that we can partner with them and ghostwrite books that they can use to increase their professional credibility.”

Klein explains that because the writing and marketing of a book contains so many moving parts, she has created a process that keeps each project on track. Each client is first interviewed by Klein, with the goal of understanding their unique voice, content, and goals. This information is then given to the ghostwriter, who works with the client to write their book according to their objectives.

“Crucially, we begin the book’s marketing campaign 30 days into writing the book,” says Klein. “We don’t wait until it’s launched to begin marketing it. We build anticipation from the start by building a social media platform that is at the center of the launch.”

The division offers two options for publication. If the client would like to submit their book for consideration by traditional publishing houses, Klein will help them develop the book proposal and connect them to book agents.

“Later in 2023, we will be launching a publishing division, which means we will be able to publish our clients’ books and make the process even smoother,” Klein says. “By offering a one-stop shop for writing and publishing, what we hope to see is more people who convert their expertise and content into a stronger brand. That, we believe, will help them to make a bigger impact and open new doors for themselves, personally and professionally.”

Ruth Klein is an internationally known Brand Strategist, Best-Selling Author of 7 books, Speaker, and Expert Celebrity Branding maven for leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Klein has been seen on CNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC, among others. Her firm, Expert Celebrity Branding, works with high-achieving business owners, coaches, sales professionals, and company founders to create powerful personal brands by honing their message and communicating it through books and signature speeches. The firm also offers a 30-day free pocket coaching every morning to keep focused, gain clarity for mindset, leadership, motivation, and so much more.

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