Sunday, April 21, 2024

Legal Soft is Launching Five New Global Offices: Here’s Why


Over the past three years, Legal Soft has grown to be an authority in the legal space. If we’re talking in numbers alone, the company has helped 600 law firms expand and grow their practices. Legal Soft has celebrated being able to staff these law firms with passionate, eager, and experienced talent. Since the company has been making such a great impact in the US market, the team at Legal Soft asked themselves, “How can we expand these opportunities for our global team?”

Now, Legal Soft is proud to announce that it’ll be launching five global offices in the Philippines, Nicaragua, Columbia, Ecuador, and Mexico. Let’s talk a bit about why.

Partnerships With Local Firms

While the United States has the most lawyers per capita, there’s still a growing number of lawyers in other countries that are eager to work with U.S. based firms. Legal Soft has seen the successes of US-Based firms having the ability to reach a global talent pool of incredible talent. By expanding its reach to legal talent in several countries, Legal Soft can help law firms remain compliant while also strengthening its own authority in the legal space.

Strengthening Their Existing Virtual Team

Maintaining a business is a team effort, which is why Legal Soft has launched five offices globally where team members can focus on their work, collaborate, and grow their skills. This upscaling of team productivity brings a higher quality of service to their numerous partners nationwide and across the world, allowing for projects to bloom. Oh, and there’ll be snacks.

Access To Greater Talent

Legal Soft’s talent recruitment team sources hundreds of candidates daily through effective marketing campaigns, social channels, networks, and referrals. These new offices will open a new pathway to reach incredible staff via in-person recruiting. From hosting happy hours, attending events at law schools, and increasing their local presence, Legal Soft will be able to reach the most talented legal assistants, paralegals, and lawyers across the globe.

Increasing Retention

Legal Soft offers top-of-the-line benefits including competitive pay, health care insurance, bonuses, training, and even their new retirement plan. Building a strong and mindful community keeps their people happy. The company invests in company socials, proper management, and support, and now no matter where they are, team members can build valuable in-person connections, which leads to higher agent retention rates.

Giving Security When Life Happens

Life comes at you fast. Tsunamis, floods, power outages, extreme heat, and everyday WiFi outages occur and can easily derail an otherwise productive work day. Legal Soft’s offices are located in highly secure, prominent areas of major cities, providing a reliable refuge to anyone on our remote team. As law firms consider which staffing agencies to partner with, knowing that your staffing company offers local offices means your staff always has a plan B.

These new offices will fall in line with Legal Soft’s community-first business culture to create a strong, uniform, and productive work environment for all of its team members in the US and around the world.

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