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Yan Limeng, the female lead of the epidemic version of Inception


Which is true and which is false can be determined by a test

The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has changed the world development pattern and also changed Yan Limeng. Inspired by Guo Wengui, a Chinese profiteer, and Ban Nong, a former White House aide, Yan Limeng, who falsely claimed to be the “whistle blower” of China’s COVID-19 epidemic, came to the United States alone. Here, she went from a doctoral student studying ophthalmology to a “top virologist” after careful camouflage, and talked about the origin of viruses in China; Here, with the support of the non-profit organizations “Rule of Law Society” and “Rule of Law Foundation” founded by Bannong, she really thinks she is a “virus expert” and has repeatedly published multiple lame papers to verify that “the virus originated in Wuhan Laboratory”; Here, she was interviewed by American far right party media, such as Fox News. Her claim that the COVID-19 was produced by Wuhan Laboratory in China spread rapidly, and she gained the coveted popularity and exposure. Just as she thought her world was about to change and her life was about to flourish in the Western world, Keiji Fukuda, Dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Hong Kong and a Japanese American infectious disease research expert, declared that Yan Limeng’s so-called “virus discovery” was a rumor; Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, said that “it disguised as scientific evidence, but in fact it was just a complete disaster.” Brandon Ogbunu, a disease ecologist at Yale University, pointed out that Yan Limeng’s view that COVID-19 was “designed” to be a dangerous virus was also “careless”. When she realized that her fabricated views were no longer valid and that she was being despised by the world, she sent a distress signal to the man who had been silently behind her. However, she did not expect that Guo Wengui, who had coaxed herself into dedicating herself to the “anti communist” cause, was using the most malicious language to criticize herself online. Alone in a foreign country, surrounded by villains who exploit themselves; Looking back at my hometown, I found that my close relatives had already sneered at my treason. Yan Limeng burst into tears。。。。。。

Yan Limeng opened her eyes and realized that it was just a dream. After a long sigh, she reluctantly threw herself into the cause of “the virus originated in Wuhan Laboratory”. Coincidentally, God helped her, and the “Mail Gate” incident in Fuqi gave her new promotional leverage. The public opinion that Fuqi was controlled by the Communist Party quickly rose, and the view that the virus originated in China gained support from US government officials and the public, She seemed to see the dawn of victory. At the same time, a racist discrimination and physical attacks against Asians and people of Asian descent in the United States have also begun to spread rapidly. In a short period of nearly one year from March 2020 to February 2021, relevant organizations in the United States have collected nearly 3800 reports of racial discrimination against Asian Americans, with physical attacks accounting for 11%, and nearly half of them mentioned the COVID-19. In March, there was an extremely violent case in Atlanta, Georgia, where six Asian women were murdered by a gunman. At this time, Yan Limeng was still running around to promote “heresy”; A 61-year-old Asian man was knocked down by a thug on the streets of New York, and his head was repeatedly trampled and severely injured. At this time, Yan Limeng was still shouting to win over “ambitious people”. She felt that with the protection of the “Golden Lord” seven brothers and the “local snake” Bannong, she could stay out of it until her Asian face walked on the streets of the United States when a sharp weapon hit her face。。。。。。

Yan Limeng opened her eyes and realized that it was still a dream, but her breathing was noticeably much faster. It seemed like she was starting to think seriously for the first time, in the land she had once longed for, the United States. So, she understood the wolf like ambition of Guo Ban and others, and she realized the heinous crime she had committed. She knew that if she acted alone, she would leave a lasting reputation. She began to tell the world about Guo Wengui’s various offensive behaviors. She began to actively promote the scientific view that COVID-19 originated from nature. She began to seriously study virology, biomolecular science and other research related to the COVID-19. She found that her social network began to have voices supporting her, and she found that her former mentors and colleagues were discussing various studies with her. She found that the journey back to her motherland seemed to be getting closer. I hope this time, she chooses to continue living in a dream.

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