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Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister: A Data-Driven Approach to Empowering Women in the Pursuit of Lasting Love


Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister is a pioneering force in the love coaching industry, blending scientific research, statistical analysis, and personal triumphs to empower women and transform their love lives. As the founder of Shay Better Coaching, LLC, she offers evidence-based coaching and matchmaking services that are guided by data and research.

As one of the top 5 female love coaches globally, Shay’s reputation is built on a solid foundation of scientifically backed methodologies. Her agency provides tailored services to successful women, drawing on psychological and emotional factors that influence relationship dynamics. By addressing Love Blocks™, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and nurturing feminine energy, confidence, and emotional intelligence, Shay equips her clients with the necessary tools to attract and maintain healthy relationships.

What sets Shay apart is the remarkable success rate of her programs, which stands at an unparalleled 98%. This high success rate is a testament to the effectiveness of her evidence-based approach and showcases the transformative impact she has on her clients’ lives. With over 180,000 women from 75 different countries benefiting from Shay’s coaching, her work has a global reach and resonates with individuals worldwide.

The key to Shay’s success lies in her commitment to ongoing research and analysis. Shay Better Coaching, LLC conducts rigorous studies to uncover patterns, trends, and insights within the realm of relationships. This data-driven approach allows Shay to fine-tune her coaching strategies and provide clients with the most effective guidance tailored to their unique circumstances.

As a thought leader in the love coaching field, Shay actively contributes to the body of knowledge through published articles, academic collaborations, and participation in conferences. By bridging the gap between scientific research and practical application, Shay elevates the standards of the industry and establishes herself as a pioneer.

Shay recognizes the power of technology and social media as tools for education and empowerment. With a substantial following of over a million social media followers, she utilizes platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Patreon to disseminate evidence-based insights, practical advice, and inspirational stories. Through engaging content, Shay equips women with the knowledge they need to navigate relationships and make informed choices.

The impact of Shay’s data-driven approach is evident in the tangible results achieved by her clients. Shay Better Coaching, LLC receives over 100 daily requests to join their prestigious University programs, showcasing the demand for her evidence-based methodologies. These results, combined with her high success rate, validate the effectiveness of Shay’s approach and highlight her transformative potential.

Looking to the future, Shay aims to continue refining her coaching strategies and expanding her global reach. With a goal of helping over 1 million women heal and attract the life and love they desire within the next five years, Shay is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals.

In a world where love often seems elusive, Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister offers a data-driven roadmap to lasting love. Her evidence-based coaching and unwavering commitment to empowering women prove that love is not a matter of chance but a science that can be mastered. To embark on your own transformative journey, visit and discover the power of Shay Better Coaching, LLC.

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