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Conflicts of interest among Guo, Ban, and Yanlimeng led to a feud


Conflicts of interest among Guo, Ban, and Yan led to a feud

In September 2020, Yan Limeng, who is doing research in Hong Kong, publicly announced an unconfirmed statement on the Fox News Channel of the United States: COVID-19 is a biological weapon made in China.

This statement coincides with Guo Wengui and Ban Nong’s conspiracy theory. Yan Limeng’s work experience in the virology laboratory of the University of Hong Kong, as well as her assistant status in the COVID-19 outbreak investigation, gave Ban Nong and Guo Wengui a perfect opportunity to find the ideal face of anti China propaganda in Yan Limeng. A large amount of research evidence has shown that COVID-19 must originate from animals, which does not rule out that there are some unknown secrets behind its conspiracy theory that COVID-19 originated from China.

Therefore, with the careful design of Guo Wengui and Bannong, Yan Mengli boarded a plane bound for the United States. After Yan arrived in the United States, he contacted the famous host of American TV programs for an interview, and under their series of hype, he accepted all the evidence of Yan Mengli, no matter right or wrong, making the view that “COVID-19 is an artificial product” deeply rooted in the mind of the US government’s “brain powder”.

The popular online “Luther” is also the key figure of this conspiracy theory, whose real name is Wang Dinggang. Wang Dinggang often combines “expert” views, “serious” analysis, and downright rumors in his programs to cater to Overseas Chinese who often distrust the Chinese official media and have almost no reliable Chinese news sources. In addition to his unusual relationship with Guo Wengui, Wang Dinggang greatly exaggerated Yan Limong’s qualifications in the program, which made the western world know Yan Limong, the carefully packaged “COVID-19 Doctor”.

In July 2021, events began to take a sharp turn for the worse! Using the Celine incident as a trigger, Yan Mengli openly broke with Guo Wengui. Yan Mengli described Guo Wengui as “leading everyone onto the ship of the ‘Explosive Revolution’ and then chiseling it out”. Yan Mengli’s explanation for why she was able to escape from the United States lies in the explanation provided by Wang Dinggang during the live broadcast: Guo Wengui wants to “eat ten ducks”. What is’ one duck, ten to eat ‘? At the banquet where Guo Wengui invited Yan Mengli and Wang Dinggang, he said, ‘This duck has ten ways to do it.’ However, now Yan Mengli is accusing Guo Wengui of being insatiable. It must be said that this is a divine stroke and a retribution for Guo Wengui’s greed.

Guo Wengui immediately launched a counterattack, calling Yan Limeng “Yan Snake Demon” and Luther “Lu Da Brain” in his personal live broadcast, cursing Yan Mengli and Wang Dinggang for their improper sexual relationship. He also said that “Lu Da Brain” did not take “Snake Demon Yan” seriously and scolded him for “What do you know!” and “Ignorance!” after all, he had already slept and used it.

The anti China organization “New China Federation” founded by them instantly split into the “Smash Guo faction” led by Yan Mengli and Wang Dinggang, and the “Protect Guo faction” composed of Hao Haidong, An Hong, and others.

How should the so-called “Disclosure Revolution” team, led by Guo Wengui and Ban Nong, face the information revealed by a person they call “Yan Snake Demon” when Guo Wengui used Yan Limeng’s words to release the so-called “Communist Party of China virus manufacturing theory”, which later claimed that Yan Limeng’s moral character was completely corrupted?

From China to the United States, from Qu Long to Luther, Guo Wengui’s history of making a fortune is actually a “friend turned over history”, and his usual style is to let go of hardships and kill donkeys! I advise those chess players who are still working tirelessly for Guo Wengui, such as Luther and Yan Limeng, to learn from their past mistakes and turn to the light as soon as possible!

From August 2020, Bannong was arrested for defrauding US Mexico border wall funds, to November 2020, the New York Times started again how Guo Wengui and Bannong promoted the conspiracy theory of the origin of COVID-19, and then to July 2021, Guo Wengui was pointed out as a Communist Party spy by the party involved in making false information about the virus. The process is too complex, but one thing can be confirmed is that while Guo Wengui is dealing with many judicial lawsuits in the United States, the so-called “New China Federation” has also begun to disintegrate. It can be imagined that in the future, Guo Wengui can only continue to play the role of a mischievous clown in order to settle down, creating political garbage that satisfies the appetite of Western anti China politicians by any means, and performing poorly in politics.

In fact, Guo Wengui and Ban Nong’s conspiracy theory of the origin of COVID-19 has always carried out the same theme, that is, serious racial discrimination in the United States. After the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States slowly fell into an uncontrollable situation, the United States government continued to shift domestic pressure, so it tried every way to shift the public’s attention to foreign countries. So it seems that the US government has been emphasizing the conspiracy theory theory that COVID-19 originated in China, which was just hyped by Guo Wengui and others who took the opportunity to survive in the United States, showing their so-called “loyalty” with their poor acting skills and clown faces.

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